Help with big dinner in NOLA!


Oh good to know!


Great. I’ll Amazon it.


During the day, the street cars are really off on times - you can wait quite a while, and then a whole slew come by. We had to sign up for Uber on Halloween, as the taxis were scarce. But I found taxies were, for the most part, the best way to go. All restaurants will call one and they generally came quickly. Not every place was walking distance. I googled walking distances so I had a good idea of how long walks would be and tried to get us to walk as much as possible, but some things are a distance, based on where you will be staying.


Also, there is a program you can get for your smart phone where you buy the streercar pass and then just show the driver your phone.


Do you recommend staying in the Garden District or French Quarter? I’m thinking in terms of weather, beauty and safety. Weather in terms of - I know the GD is beautiful to walk in. But we’re Californians and it will be cold :smile:. Is it better to stay there in the spring? Or is it superior period?


Streetcars… This is getting more and more quaint. Tony Bennett should write a song about it… hahaha. “Walking as much as possible” is good with all that eating. Thanks for the tip about taxis and streetcar pass.


Oh, p-u-u-u-u-l-l-l-l-l-e-e-e-e-e-z-e . . . . wear a jacket!

I’ve lived in California for all but 5 of my 60+ years, and travel to NOLA 1-2x per year since before Katrina . . . it’s never been so cold that walking was out of the question. (That said, the rainfall can be drenching, and I’m not just talking hurricanes!)

When we’re in New Orleans for a business conference, my wife and I typically stay in the FQ where the conference is being held – usually the Royal Sonesta (just make sure to get a room that does NOT face Bourbon St.), though we often stay in the CBD at the Roosevelt, though before it re-opened, we stayed at the International House. Never had an issue with safety, as long as one uses common sense, and we do a LOT of walking while we’re there. Indeed, between the two – FQ and CBD – I prefer the CBD: it’s quieter at night and generally cleaner, though the FQ is kept cleaner than it has ever been!

That said, the Garden District can be beautiful, but it’s also (relatively speaking) remote. You’re in the GD, period. Depending upon where in the GD, you can walk down to Magazine St., but you are far more limited. We stay in the Garden District frequently – often after the conference ends – but we stay with friends in their beautiful antebellum mansion, so that’s different than staying at, say, The Columns or the Ponchartrain.

it isn’t necessarily that one is better than the other. While places are certainly more accessible by foot if you’re in the Quarter or the CBD/Warehouse district, staying in the GD is simply a DIFFERENT way to experience New Orleans than if you stay, say, in the Quarter . . .

At night, we do take taxis to all the restaurants that aren’t in the immediate vicinity. That is, if we’re in the Quarter, we’ll walk to the restaurant that’s in the Quarter, but take a cab to and from the restaurant that’s Uptown, Mid-town, in the Garden District, or even in the CBD. And – yes – every place will call a taxi for you, with the added benefit that they’ll actually arrive! Taxis know they are dependent upon the restaurants for fares and generally respond more quickly to calls from them than they do from private parties. (Sometimes if you call the cab yourself, they may take far longer to get there or not get there at all; this is largely due to a safety issue, and depends to some extent on the current state of affairs vis-a-vis the number of taxicab robberies taking place at any given time. After all, with no glass partition between front and back seats, cab drivers can be viewed as an easy “mobile ATM” by some criminals.)


Though Maison Dupuy is an excellent choice (in quieter part of Quarter with a cute courtyard and pool).
Also never had much noise at the Ritz in the Quarter.
Hotel Lafayette in CBD is a favorite.


Okay. Thanks guys. The CBD seems more like my kind of area. But DH is probably going to want to stay in the FQ. He’s looking at Royal Sonesta (too bad R’evolution is booked for xmas & eve). I’ll give him the tip about a room away from Bourbon St, and also have him check out Maison Dupuy.

[quote=“Jason, post:67, topic:4101”]
Oh, p-u-u-u-u-l-l-l-l-l-e-e-e-e-e-z-e . . . . wear a jacket!
[/quote]I know, I know :grin:. I lived on Cape Cod as a kid, right on the water… talk about freezing. And my husband travelled with the boys - for hockey - to some of the coldest places imaginable. But I’ve turned into such a wimp!


I don’t think we’re gettin’ Clancy’s. They said to call at 1pm NOLA time today for Xmas eve dinner. I called precisely and the line has been busy since. The Xmas dinner reservation thing is really frustrating and might negate the whole trip!


Got Clancy’s!!! 6:30p. They also had 9pm. But she said it will be really crowded and we might have to wait.

I’m so happy. I was just about ask you guys about New Years, as tears fall onto my keypad. All this researching and talking with y’all made my heart set on Christmas.


I’ve only ever stayed in FQ and GD. I like the quiet of the GD and things are so close. When we went in late October, it was unseasonably warm. Mid 80’s and somewhat humid. Disappointing for me, as I like cooler weather since we rarely get it here in LA. Plus, the air-conditioning is on so high in most places, you need something to cover up.


Okay. We did it! 4 nights, 5 days.

The original plan was to stay at the Royal Sonesta and eat Xmas or Eve dinner at R’evolution. We couldn’t get the dinner reservations. But we decided to stick with that hotel anyway. Plus, we’re sure to have at least one meal there. This is the first trip we’ve taken that was decided on whether or not we could get reservations at the right restaurant.

So now that that is taken care of it’s time to figure out the rest of the trip. I book marked your NOLA threads :wink:.

I have family who feel that way. For me, I don’t care if I never feel the cold or see snow again.



Just make sure you get a room that does NOT face Bourbon St.!


Oh yes. We made sure. Thanks!


[quote=“Jason, post:9, topic:4101”]
love Miss Leah!
[/quote]I just saw this on the website.


They’re playing the night we’re leaving. But we still want to go one night. Have you heard of Joe Krown Trio or George Porter, Jr’s Birthday Trio?


I hope you don’t mind my hijacking your thread @Xochitl.

I have a little theory. I like posting to show my stuff, of course :blush:. But since FTC is getting bigger I like to post in a way that helps the community. So, before I start something I check to see if a similar thread already exists. That way if someone does a search for something, they don’t get a bunch of threads. I can ask @ipsedixit to move it. I know it can be a pain to constantly get the notifications.


I know both acts well. You can’t go wrong with either. The Leaf only hires the best in town.
Your husband the bassist will know George Porter - one of the most famous bassists ever.


I just ran it by him and got a smile. George Porter it is.

I know you’ll probably be with family, and we’ll be all over the place. But if our plans synch up, we’d love to buy you and your lady a drink. Your help has made this so much easier for me.