Help with big dinner in NOLA!


This is great! I’m going to text this to him. Thanks!

BTW… We went to R’evolution. I’m with your husband. The gumbo is the bomb! They laughed because I had the Seafood Gumbo as appetizer and the Death by Gumbo as my entree.

I haven’t done my R’evolution report yet. It was dark and my pictures don’t do it justice. Plus I need to figure out how to keep it short and sweet, as it could get massive. Our awesome waiter, Justin, gave us a tour of the whole place. It was a great time.


Did you go for dinner? Next time, we’ll do that. It was an awesome gumbo, the two bites I was able to wrangle out of my husband! Love your order! We’ve been traveling most of January and just got back from Mexico - need to post some places myself!


Yes dinner. We were staying at the Royal Sonesta, but still had a hard time snagging a reservation. So glad we persevered. It was fabulous.

Mexico! My favorite place on the planet. What parts did you visit?


How was the Royal sonesta? Would you stay there again?

We went to San Miguel de Allende for 4 nights, visiting Canada de la Virgen, and then two nights in Guanajuato. We hadn’t been to Mexico in over 15 years, but we had such a wonderful time we are thinking of returning very soon!


The Royal Sonesta was very nice. The staff was really helpful and friendly. It was decorated beautifully for Christmas. We didn’t reserve a suite or one of the rooms w/french doors & balcony because we knew we weren’t spending a lot of time indoors. But thanks to a tip from @Jason (I think) we booked a room in the back. It was very quiet. We knew we weren’t going to spend much time on Bourbon St. so it was nice staying in a hotel right there.

I’m so jealous about San Miguel de Allende. It is definitely on my list. Last time we went it was to Playa del Carmen. It has gotten more touristy in the last 10 years, but there are still a few unpopulated areas. We’re thinking Merida if we go to that area again.

Welcome home!


Thank you!

Good tip! I generally prefer quiet myself! I always pour over trip advisor to see if anyone complains about noise!

If you go to SMA, I highly recommend my b&b - Antigua Capilla. They have a roof deck with an amazing sunset view, besides great rooms and good breakfasts. They are located a walk down into town, though. My asthma was triggered by all the pollution, dust, car exhaust, and we had to cab it back up to hotel, which was around 50pesos each time. Think that’s around $2.50usd. While SMA is great, I would recommend staying more time in Guanajuato, which is a beautiful, energetic, musical town, also filled with great art and artists.

View from B&B

We are thinking Mexico City next, though I just read it’s sinking!


Oh my wow!

Fantastic. I have not heard of it.

Good tip about SMA pollution. We get enough; no need to have it on vacation. Mexico to me is heaven, intertwined with a certain danger. I love it. But my husband concentrates on the danger… it’s his duty. I work on him and we always have a great time. We’ll see…

I love Mexico City. Didn’t know about the sinking. But you’re probably okay for now :wink:. Go while there’s still time :relaxed:.

Happy traveling!