Help with Fourth of July long weekend


Hi. I have not been to NYC in four years. Coming from Sun 7/2 to wed 7/5 and staying in the North end/Murray area. I need a brunch place on Sun and lunch/dinner the other days. We loved Maialino the last two times we were in NYC for brunch. I am not looking for sushi or spicy food.

Unfortunately a few restaurants I am interested in are closed on sun, mon and the fourth. (Nor, L’appart, Gunther Seeger,…) or located in Brooklyn.( long commute).
Agern seemes to be closed due to a flood.

I have looked or made a reservations at the following:
Atoboy has sun-mon open
Contra reservation is not open yet
Cosme openon sun-mon-wed for brunch, lunch, dinner (I might go for lunch)
Cata or Alta I have a reservation for sun dinner at Alta because it was one of the places that had opening on Opentable
Le Coucou I have lunch reservation on mon
Bruno is open on the Fourth and sounds healthy
Augustine for brunch?
De Maria for brunch
Acme for brunch
Made Nice

Bakery I have:
Dominique Ansel Kitchen
Arcade bakery?
Maman bakery?

Ice cream/gelato
Superiority burger
La Newyorkina
Grom for extra dark chocolate and raspberry
Ice and Wise

Looking for non wheat bread with a great crust. Last time I bought a 100% rye from the breads bakery.



Going down your list, my thoughts on the places we’ve been to + a couple of other suggestions.

Atoboy: The fried chicken and the corn dish should not to be missed. Photos

Cosme: The duck carnitas and, of course, the husk meringue dessert are musts! I don’t know about lunch or brunch, but at dinner, the noise level can be hideously high. <a href=“”">Photos

Le Coucou: Glad you were able to grab a reservation. We’ve been many times for dinner and once each for lunch and brunch. The post on my blog about our lunch is here.

Made Nice: We’ve eaten there several times and have also done take-out. We’ve had the Salmon Rosti, Chicken Rice, and Khao Salad. All delicious, as is the garlic roll. We’ve had the Chicken & Frites twice. Fabulous. But only available starting at 5 p.m. The Milk & Honey dessert is the best soft serve we’ve ever had.

Dizengoff: Agree with all the raves.

Maman: The food we had at our one lunch there was o.k. but nothing to really rave about. However, the chocolate chip cookie was terrific.

Lady M Cake Boutique has a shop not far from where you are staying. The signature Mille Crepes is seriously delicious. Photos

Bread: Daily Provisions, the offshoot of Union Square Café, sells a salted caraway rye. I haven’t had it, but one of their other breads is regularly served at USC where we’ve dined many times since it reopened. That bread is exceptional, so I would think the rye would be as well. Alnd btw, the crullers at Daily Provision are sensational.

I would suggest that you consider Le Coq Rico for phenomenal chicken and lots of other equally delicious things to eat. We’ve been there countless times for dinner and lunch. Here’s a blog post I did about one of our lunches.

I hope you have a wonderful stay.

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Thank you very much with all the recommendations. There is only one problem, I don’t eat poultry. Do you think it will be worth trying Atoboy or Cosme if you are not having the poultry? I can’t wait to try Made Nice and Dizengoff. Too bad many of these places will be closed on the Fourth.


Is it only chicken? How about fish, beef, and pork? Or are you a strict vegetarian? Without this information, it’s hard for me to determine if Atoboy and Cosme would be worth trying.

If you are a vegetarian, Made Nice has three bowls that would be perfect for you: Curry Cauliflower, Quinoa Felafel, and Grains & Greens. Though we haven’t tried them yet, I’ve no doubt they’re as delicious as the ones we’ve had.

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Lots of non-poultry options at atoboy. I’d add the sunchoke, mackerel and SUJEONGGWA granita to the list of things to.order.


You will be fine at Atoboy if your only restriction is non-poultry. In fact, I’ve probably been there at least 6 times, and have yet to have a chicken dish there. Go, enjoy, and eat.

Le Coucou is a must, and make sure to go for the Tout le Papin.

Not a big fan of Cosme. Instead of Cosme, consider Alta, which comes from the same pedigree, but I feel like it has a livelier menu and better execution.

For brunch, I really like The NoMad or Paowalla if you want something a bit different.

Definitely do Alta.

Love Mah Ze Dahr. Best cheesecake ever. In the universe, in fact.

If you like Ice and Vice (and it is very good), you might also enjoy Morgenstern’s. Gelato at Superiority Burger is very good, as is the stuff from M’O. And if you like soft serve (like me), you owe yourself a trip to Momofuku Milk Bar.


Lapin. Slap your keyboard. It’s gone rogue.


No just poultry.




Thank you. Since Fourth of July limits my dinners to only two unless I find an early dinner for Wed, I have to decide between Alta or Atoboy. I am leaning toward Alta. I need something more refined for the other night. Any suggestions?
I have been to NoMad before but the Indian suggestion is interesting.


@ipsedixit, She’s having lunch at Le Coucou. Tout le Lapin is not on the menu. Instead, there is a Pot au Feu de Lapin. Several mains from the dinner menu are served at lunch: Quenelle de Bochet, Halibut, and the Crepinette. I’ve had them. All are delicious.

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@mrsjoujou, If you are looking for refined Indian, I highly recommend Indian Accent, in Midtown. We’ve been twice, dinner right after they opened early last year (Photo Set) and more recently lunch last week (Photo Set). The food is nothing like your average Indian spot. Gorgeously plated, but most important, seriously delicious. Service is cordial and professional, and the ambiance is lovely.

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Ipse, have you been to Cosme for lunch/brunch? In my opinion, it’s much more enjoyable than dinner. Also, they serve up this lamb barbacoa which is just as good as the duck carnitas, but twenty bucks cheaper. And there are a couple dishes in common with Atla, like the mushroom quesadillas…


Looks pretty good, La Newyorkina isnt really worth a detour in my opinion. Make sure that you reserve a cronut online from Dominique Ansel. It’s pretty easy to do, and depending on the flavor, they can be pretty damn tasty, albeit very rich.

You won’t have any problem getting a reservation at Contra, though if you do, you can always walk in at Wildair, which is a pretty great spot in its own right. Wildair also doesn’t really seem to have an LA equivalent so I always enjoy that aspect of it.

Dizengoff is really solid. I also really enjoy Los Mariscos which is just around the corner from Dizengoff in Chelsea Market. As an Angeleno stranded in NYC, it was a godsend whenever I wanted fish tacos.


Thank you. I might do Indian Accent for lunch. I wish they were open on the Fourth.


Thank you. Hopefully the cronut flavor will be a good one in July. Do you have any prefrenance between Contra and Wildair?


For lunch



But that’s just me.

By the way, speaking of Contra, if you’ve got room for another dinner, consider Gloria in Hell’s Kitchen. Opened and manned by Contra alums. Fantastic stuff, worthy of a detour. Feels like a neighborhood spot, delivers like a destination restaurant.


If you’re headed there, I would seriously consider also stopping by Rocket Pig (up on 10th/24th), and treat yourself to the best roast pork sandwich. Ever.

Bring extra Zocor, and thank me later.


I’d lean Contra, mainly because you can snag a reservation and I honestly end up spending about the same at both places…