Holbox by Chichen Itza


Nice report, are they still using opah for their ceviches? I’m going to have to go back for more of that damn uni and their fried shrimp torta sounds like a winner too.

I think the prices are worth mentioning:
small cocktel de camaron - $10
tostada with uni - $12
live scallop - $9
chiles rellenos - $9
live surf clam - $7
half dozen blood clams - $15
tacos - $5-$6 each

Not cheap, but pretty reasonable for super fresh, live, line caught seafood.


One was opah, another was a mixto. I loved the opah–a real nice fish for a ceviche.

It is not cheap–nor would you want it to be.

The large ceviche platter comes with some tostadas on the side. With uni, it cost $21.

We also got the shark empanadas, which were the weakest thing to me.


I went there today too.

Got a bunch of items. Only ones I would go back for are the ceviche tostada with opah + uni and the coctel mixto.

Pulpo tacos were good, lobster ones I would avoid. Chile relleno was decent.

Glad I skipped the empanadas.

No bang bang, I was too full. :man_facepalming:t2:



WTF?? Did you send the pibil back??? I’ve eaten at Chicen Itza so many times I’ve lost acount and never had the pibil look like that…so under-sauced and fucked up…

God damn it, I hope the opening of Holbox doesn’t mean the decline of Chichen Itza :frowning:


Shit… so it was almost 75% terrible?? Fuck…


Not terrible, the lobster tacos were pretty uneventful though.

Ceviche and coctel were fantastic. The rest was good, just not good enough to order again.


By my personal standards, there is almost no difference between this and just straight up terrible unless maybe it costs like $1.

Sounds like it’s pretty disappointing overall. I was hoping for more than a ceviche specialist. Oh well. Cant always get what you want etc…


The tacos were disappointing, especially since the cashier recommended them. The tortillas were quite good though.

Perhaps because chef was doing the catering event the food wasn’t up to snuff?

I am willing to try more items, the shrimp torta looks pretty good.


Lol @Aesthete only you could see somebody describe two things as fantastic and come to the conclusion that it’s pretty disappointing overall. Never change.

PS. You know it’s gonna be great. Gilberto wouldn’t stand for anything else.


Based on that whole octopus we had at Chichen Itza, I figured it would all be extraordinary! It is sad to hear the reports that most things are not :frowning:


Yeah, maybe so but still sucks. The octopus I had at Chicen Itza before Holbox opened with @set0312 was seemingly the same recipe and spectacular, so it’s pretty shitty that it sucked.

I would be sad to be burned by 50% of my order… =/


The octopus we had was indeed superb. I can’t imagine there’d be a huge difference between that octopus and the tacos, but who knows?

I’ll attribute it to a new restaurant without the head chef in the kitchen.


Hopefully so :frowning: How was Blue Hill??


Going in five weeks. Wanted to go in the spring so the weather would hopefully be a bit warmer.


Ah, cool, any other discoveries out in NY?


I had it, and it was wunderbar.


Really nice pictures m8

I’m noticing a bit of inconsistency in numero d’uni per tostada. You got four, @Haeldaur got three and suckers like @A5KOBE and I got two. Nothing too egregious in my book (I still had a moment eating that thing. Loved every damned bite) - more of an observation.


and jgold got 5! i blame uni-deflation.

Did you eat anything else worth getting?


President_Mochi -

Ooooo. Good to know. While we haven’t made a drive to Santa Barbara just for that salsa - it’s come close!

So excited to try this version of it, much closer to home! :yum: