Holbox by Chichen Itza


I think Sundays might be the day where things will run out. Holbox must be sourcing their seafood like the local reputable sushi/fresh fish places.


Outer mantle - learn something new every day here on FTC! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping it’s a new presentation that sticks around (less waste, more food for us, right?). I did see Chef Cetina around, so fingers crossed.

It was pretty good, really similar to calamari. In fact, the hubs thought it was calamari and said, “What’s with the two random pieces of calamari?” :joy: Not overly chewy, a good crisp batter…nice textural foil for the rest of the scallop.


Whoops. Forgot to mention that I was there Saturday afternoon, not Sunday.


This just might be a sign that Holbox is getting very popular then. Sunday might be a bust on a lot of items. We almost went yesterday for lunch but said-daughter (see above) had a very long face. She might have actually saved us a trip.


“Outer mantle”

I have a very rudimentary knowledge of mollusks. That outer mantle on the scallop has a series of very simple eyes - they often show up as blue when visible light is cast on it. Beyond that and the abductor muscle - the piece of flesh we associate as scallop - is pretty limited.

I looked up the anatomy of the scallop, and now know what that other portion that is served with the abductor muscle is. It’s the scallop’s gonad. @PorkyBelly - when raw, red is female, whitish for male.



So basically you’re telling me I ate a bunch of eyes and nads. :neutral_face:

Jokes aside, that is good information to know! Thanks, @bulavinaka for this first lesson in Mollusks 101. :slight_smile:


There’s something makes sense for creatures that has such big 'nads to have so many eyes - like up to 100.

“Look at the size of those things! Look look look look look look look look…”


That shit is delicious. And HOT


Tasting menu now available


Okay, so I finally made it to Holbox.

OMG. First time but not the last!!!

Okay, we went last Saturday, just before noon. No line but by the time we got our food? Yes, a line. (Much bigger line at Chichen Itza, as other folks mentioned. But I was happy where I was.)

The husband got the ono tacos, with a lemonade, I got the shrimp torta.

Both of us were very happy. His tacos were perfectly prepared and the freshly made tortillas? Divine. I actually traded bites of my sandwich for tortilla bits, they were that nice. I loved my shrimp torta and I think it was made on the scratch made bread from Chichen Itza. Tasted like a cross between Marcella Hazan’s olive oil loaf and a cuban roll. Yummy.

I did, finally try the peanut/arbol salsa and… Wow. Different then the one I had in Santa Barbara. Fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but different. On it’s own or on a chip, way too hot but on my torta? Perfect.

We saw someone get a large ceviche order and it looked awesome. That may be the hubby’s next dish.

That lunch was so inspiring, I went home, hit the internet and found a just posted, new recipe for peanut salsa and made it. Not exact but very very close to the one I love in Santa Barbara. http://www.cookinglight.com/recipes/peanut-salsa

So, actually? A win win of a day. Really liked the Mercado and LOVED Holbox. And now I don’t have to buy peanut salsa from them, I can make my own.


Nice, glad you liked it, try the coctels and tostadas with uni next time.

That shrimp torta and those salsas are the perfect combination; kind of like @linus and a glass of prune juice.


i’m sorry…which one am i in this scenario? the shrimp torta? the salsa? col mustard in the library with a candlestick?

i need to know if i’m to feel insulted.



The crusty torta


“The crusty torta”



oddly, was lead tambourine in a rock band called the crusty torta.
we often opened for the likes of shockabilly, charlie pickett and the eggs, and the voluptuous
horror of karen black.


one of the best names i ever heard for a band…never saw them


eh. more performance art than anything.

sometimes i think the more outre the band name, the lamer the music. my life with the thrill kill kult, for example. straight outta mehville.

shockabilly on the other hand…ah. nothing like a good rake solo.


Had tix yesterday to the Real Madrid vs Manchester City match at the Coliseum yesterday so parked and walked over to the Mercado La Paloma. The kids enjoyed their tacos from Taqueria Vista Hermosa, but I was there to try Holbox.

Yellowtail ceviche tostada.

Surf Clam special. I can’t remember what it was called, but was a take on baked clams with cheese.

Chef Gilberto was in the house and showed me a 2 lb surf clam (!), but I went with the more reasonable 1-1/4 lb surf clam that they had.


torta de camaron - breaded shrimp, homemade bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado
This is an outstanding salsa delivery vehicle, with the added benefit of being fucking delicious. My favorite was the salsa de cacahuate.

aguachile de callo de hacha - baja california half moon scallops in lime-cilantro-serrano marinade with avocado
New menu. Damn this was so good, super fresh and sweet scallops, in a tart, bright, spicy sauce, all balanced with the creamy avocado, raw onions and saltines.

yellowtail collar - avocado, pico de gallo, corn tortillas

kumiai oysters
Wow, it’s amazing how chef Gilberto can source such fresh seafood. These were perfectly shucked with not a drop of the liquor being spilled.

Chef Gilberto is now offering a 6 course tasting menu consisting of items off the regular menu and a couple off menu entrees. Call to make a reservation.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice! :slight_smile: This looks amazing! Really glad Holbox is keeping things consistent / fresh.