Holbox by Chichen Itza


That was funny.


As promised, the photographic goods from Holbox…

Carabinero prawn, arroz negro…

Ceviche with yellowtail & uni…

Scallop taco…

Baja shrimp taco…

That was some fiiiine eatin’ right there. For lunch #1.


Beautiful pics @J_L. :slight_smile:

I still can’t believe you only had 1 Carabinero Prawn. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


For the good of the many… (witness angelic beams of divine light descend upon me from the heavens as I proclaim this selfless act of magnamity)

That, and I was gonna have a second lunch right afterwards at Sea Salt:

Good clams. Great hush puppies. Extraordinary cole slaw (strangely, the one thing I cannot stop thinking about in this meal)


Do you wanna see what I had for lunch #3?


Ah that explains it! :slight_smile: 3 Lunches! :open_mouth: :grin:


Lunch #3: Jade noodles, Sapp Coffee House… The good folks at Sapp have really upped their game with this dish. This is THE BEST jade noodle presentation I’ve ever had here - I dare say as good as the Luv2Eat version now. The complexity in this bowl is startling. Sour notes, mixing with the slightly smoky duck, the fluffiness of the delicate crab meat, the gentle yet necessary kick of the chili, the crunch of the greens, all tempered by the Q of the delicious green noodles. All for $8.95.


That’s a fine bang-bang-bang. Btw how much did they charge for the carabinero?


Carabinero al carbon con arroz negro: $15 per serving. Very reasonable. The rice (when paired with the prawn) tastes better than most paellas in this town.


Not bad at all. NYC restaurants have been known to charge $20 each, shrimp only.


MomoFUK that noise!


I think good cole slaw can be like good potato salad. I still dream about the potato salad got for me, say, 20 yrs ago from some random deli in Queens. ::sigh::

I’m so annoyed they didn’t have the prawn when I was there last wk!!! Argh. I’ve never had one, and it looks so delicious (and I love arroz negro).


Thanks for the reminder that holbox is so delicious. Stopped in before the laker game.

Had the carabinero prawn with arroz negro, uni and yellowtail ceviche (very generous with the uni), and octopus in sugo taco. If you haven’t been find some time to go now!


Dear mother of god





fat bastards, wa

aguachile de callo de hacha - baja california half moon scallops in lime-cilantro-serrano marinade with avocado

(new) sopa de mariscos con erizo - uni seafood stew with crab, yellowtail, clam, shrimp, potato and grilled bread
Wow fucking incredible. Every single component of this dish was perfectly cooked and delicious. Must order.

I wanted to lick this harder than gene simmons at a tootsie pop factory.

pre-lunch bang at mariscos jalisco


I just must have the sopa de mariscos con erizo! Do you know if it is a semi-permanent menu item or a special of the day?

@Chowseeker1999? I’m going to DTLA. Would you be mad at me if I went to Holbox instead of Howlin’ Ray’s… or Pikunico? :grimacing: I’m a little done in by three, yes, three Thanksgiving meals! I need some seafood in my life.


It was on the printed menu so hopefully it’s not just a special.



So far what are your must orders for a first timer?


Shrimp torta with all the salsas and uni stew are a must, i also like the shrimp cocktel, uni tostada, and grilled fish taco.