Holy Shit. Night+Market Sahm ("3") opening in Venice this summer!


In New York add a year or two.


Anybody else make it out to the Night Market/Contra-Wildair pop up last night? So damn good. It’d be awesome if Night Market becomes the spot for visiting chefs.


Yeah but most things in NYC are so bad it doesn’t matter.




Paper is off the windows, can see when I drive past that the tables are set-up, tablecloth etc


Saw tables with place settings this AM. Wassup?


Those tables have been set for the past week or so, taunting me.


C’mon Sahm - what a tease…


Fingers crossed it opens before Thai month’s done…


Ate at Song yesterday and understand why folks by the beach are so excited.


Anyone have the update on this? I drive by daily, and all those set tables are a tease.


Is this project dead in the water? Doesn’t look like they have done any development on the space.

A pity since Sahm + Felix would have been a killer 1-2 addition to the burgeoning Venice scene.


I have seen no change and no activity for months. Cars are parked behind the building - not contractor vehicles - and the back door has been bolted up and seemingly untouched.


I don’t understand how this works from a business perspective. Surely someone is eating that rent cost…


I look everyday for signs of life, but have seen not a stirring.


Night+Market Sigh


This is never going to happen, is it?


I did notice that someone sprayed a sort of salmon colored paint or primer on the majority of the building. Progress?


I was at Night+Market Song last month and the staff knew nothing at all about the Venice location.


Back from the dead!