Holy Shit. Night+Market Sahm ("3") opening in Venice this summer!


Never realized that counting to three in Thai could take this long.


What does that post mean? I keep watching, but all I got was “my my” in neon.


Neil Young lyrics is my guess.


The lights are on and the party’s about to start!

If you look carefully, I think you can see the buildings across Venice reflected in the glass of the sign.

Yes, I actually checked Google maps street view lol.


I drove past yesterday and intentionally looked at the space - nothing new. Same papered up windows, albeit might be new paper.


that is a positive step -


Im also on Sahm-watch and befuddled how things are still going so slow. But there’s one important fact to keep in mind. In May this news came out "he and his father, Prakas Yenbamroong, purchased a lot and small office next door for $2.2 million and plan to use it as a parking lot and office, which sit on 6,221 square feet. The agent who repped the sale said at the time “the lot will give Night + Market a much needed parking lot – and represents their long-term commitment to Lincoln, which is beginning to attract business spilling over from Abbott Kinney Boulevard and Rose Avenue”…Folks, its coming!


Posted 11/22/17


Nice find!


I’m still only going to Talesai


Inching closer:





Facebook post says they open in about two weeks, they just staffed up.


Admirable effort to catalog all the legit non-Japanese places on the Westside.

I’ve just a small bone to pick, though, and hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes when I say Hanjip is not it. Has completely fallen off as an even passable Korean BBQ since pivoting to All You Can Eat. Some extremely questionable decision making going on with diner experiences there including the use of a single-directional grill grate for thin cuts like chadol, which allows the meat to just fall right through. Culver City deserves better than that place.


FYI that post was written a LONG time ago.


I didn’t love it when I had the AYCE at Hanjip, but is there a ton of better AYCE place in K-town (better in terms of meat quality, not price)? I used to go to Tahoe Galbi (or whatever it’s called name) and maybe Soot Bull Jeep (the place that had a few charcoal pieces in the grill), but I thought Hanjip’s AYCE was actually decent enough.

FWIW, I now only go to Ten-Raku for BBQ when I’m in the mood for something good and only go to AYCE places when friends insist on it.





Thanks for the link, the menu concept sounds great. So looking forward to this. I find it much more appealing than Majordomo’s stab at California-Asian fusion.