Holy Shit. Night+Market Sahm ("3") opening in Venice this summer!


Night and Market’s Bangkok Mall Pasta has to be one of my favorite fusion dishes.
Other Thai restaurants call it “Spicy Spaghetti”, not really a common dish in LA.

The combination of Thai Basil, Garlic, Peppercorns, Chile, and I think anchovy or sardine was so good. Don’t get me wrong the curries, pork dishes, laab, are all good but that Bangkok Mall Pasta was out of this world.

Also be interested to see more of Kris Y’s Chinese/Chiu Chow side Food combine with his Northern, Isaan, and Bangkok offerings, in addition to his new “Thai Cocaine” concept.


Which is described as:

…my way of saying, “Let’s put some sort of romance, fun, sexiness back into so-called ethnic cooking.”

Fun and sexiness, sure, but romance? That cracked me up. I think I’m going to like this place.


It’s on the menu at Lum Ka Naad (was just there today, but didn’t have that dish).


Any more reviewers out there? Going on Sunday and trying to gather some additional FTC-level intel. Thx, KM


Tried to go over the weekend, put in our names, drove to Gjusta (which was also hopping), ordered and ate dinner, drove to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, then leaving Sprinkles got a call that our table was ready at Sahm. I absolutely adore N+M, but may have to wait a bit for the crowds to die down.


Which night were you there? We were there on Sat (I think), and the back patio was comfortably full…


Friday night. Looks like the “secret” of Gjusta dinner might sorta be out? Could have also been holiday weekend.


I think so. :frowning: But the only other weekend I had been there was a Sun evening (IIRC), so who know?

I still felt that Sat was quiet enough to be pleasant.

BTW, the steak part of the steak frites is great. The frites part, not so much. The fennel salad was also weird but wonderful.

And, to get back on topic (sorry for the drift), I think I’ll also wait until things calm down a bit at N+M Venice b/f trying it…


Yeah, mon. I went last weekend. Same Friday night that @bruins tried to go. It was heaving from 6pm onwards. All of the beautiful families you see in Dwell were out en mass.

Good news is that the food was great. I had the panang en neua (beef curry with roti) and chicken sandwich. The curry was solid. Balanced with heat but great flavor. Beef tendon was nice and tender. I wouldn’t get the chicken sandwich again, though. It was my first time trying it, and it was ok, but I don’t quite get the hype. The textures all blended together a bit.

We also took home most of the khao soi jay (curried noodles with tofu & mushrooms) that we ordered. The missus was choosing between that and the pad thai, and the server said to go with khao soi. I secretly wanted that option as well, but what the menu/server failed to mention was that the heat level was hiiiiigh. And she does not do heat. Seems like that would be a consideration you’d mention if someone is deciding between that and pad friggin thai. Oh well - it was great for me! I actually thought it was the best of the lot. Really really good.

Also, the noise level was kind of insane. I sang along with the falsetto part of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” at full blast and the table next to us was none the wiser.

All that to say, I’m a fan, and hope they do delivery soon.

Oh, and here is the specials menu that had going for this location last week:


All of the beautiful families you see in Dwell were out en mass.

Huh? It was Saturday night that we were there… :joy:

I keep telling the family that we have to be there before they open or it’s no-go. We’ve tried twice 15-20 minutes after they open and by then, it’s already been too late for a reasonable seat time. I envy our friends who have prompt reasonable kids.


I’ve tried a few times, too, but the wait is just too long.


If you don’t mind dining late, there has not been much of a wait the two times I have been around 9:30–the second time, I was seated immediately.


This is what I’ve been doing as well. Went in at 10:15 and sat down for an easy and delicious meal.

I’ve been interested by the constant critique on Yelp for the new location that the food is “too salty.” I’m not sure that they use salt other than fish sauce, but even putting that aside, I’ve never felt the food here was too salty, but I know others have a sodium challenge with the food. It’s hard to believe they are cooking the food here with more sodium than at other locations. Are west siders just less used to such aggressive seasoning?


Went to Song Venice last night and also did not find it too salty. Important to keep in mind that many of the fermented products will yield salty notes. Found the cooking to be much more on point than my visit to Sunset location in December. As others have rightly pointed out, if you get there at 5:15 it’s questionable availability and you’ll likely wait an hr for first turnover crowd. Loved the green beans, crispy rice and bomb pad Thai. Napa cabbage and rice cakes, so-so. Going back soon to try more stuff!! Highly recommend


Our original plans were to hit up either Luv2Eat or Issan Station in Thai Town. But getting from the Westside to either place on a Satyrday night is not easy. As usual, we were running later than expected. So instead, we dropped by Night+Market Sahm (Saturday) at 1900. Unlike our pasts attempts, we walked right up and were seated - no line. Service was spotty and not a Thai national in sight. The food was interesting in context to Thai food in LA.

Night+Market Sahm is definitely different from the other Thai eateries outside of Thai Town but only vaguely similar to Thai Town eateries as well. Some of the dishes are pretty traditional, while others seem to reflect the chef’s life, rooted in Thai culture but growing up in America as well. The menu is somewhat brief for a Thai eatery, but is supplemented with a comparatively long Daily Special list.

Some of the dishes can be quite salty so be forewarned - the menu will even state this on certain menu items ("…we suggest ordering rice with this dish"). The spice level in some of the dishes will be Thai Town level as well. Night+Market is not shy about using birdseye chiles in certain dishes. The menu states the use of these chiles as well.

The beer list is short - Singha. The wine list is much more involved, particularly for a Thai eatery. Rosé - sparkling and still, whites, reds, some “natural,” some of the reds are been chilled.

I personally wouldn’t consider Night+Market Sahm a good example of an outpost representing Thai Town. Rather, it’s a decent breath of fresh air to the local Thai food options. A mix of traditional with some nontraditional items mixed in, supplemented with a pretty good wine program.


Interesting. May I ask if this is your first time at a Night+Market location?
Trying to calibrate the review with my experiences. Thanks.


You are very observant - yes.


Well, I think you kind of nailed Night+Market, in general. After I read your report, I took a look at the Sahm menu. I can’t see the specials, of course, but it seems to have the weakest/shortest menu of all three locations. I think your report makes a ton of sense.


I didn’t know what to expect when we sat down. Based on FTCers chiming in about the various Night+Market experiences, I was hoping to be WOWed. No WOW, but it was pretty good. I think it served it’s purpose of being a reasonable sub for the places we would have chosen otherwise.

With three restaurants, Kris obviously isn’t simultaneously at all three places. I’m hoping that he wasn’t at Sahm last night because I feel the food could be better.


Did anyone try the Drunken Noodles with LANGERS PASTRAMI at Sahm???