Holy Shit. Night+Market Sahm ("3") opening in Venice this summer!


I had it during one of my early visits–unsurprisingly, rather salty but also quite tasty, though I have not been in a rush to order it again on subsequent visits as there are other dishes on the menu I have wanted to try instead or preferred. I think it is a better riff on the original dish than the kung pao pastrami at Mission Chinese in SF, which might have inspired it.


People complain enough about dishonoring the pastrami at Langer’s by ordering anything but pastrami on rye with a little brown mustard. I disagree with that notion, but I personally didn’t want to end up associating their pastrami with drunken noodles. To me, it just seemed too far out of context.


That’s too bad. I don’t have the depth of knowledge regarding Thai as other posters do, but I really enjoyed my visits to both the WeHo location and Sahm (and would much prefer to eat there over say, Ekkamai).

I do hope you give either that location or WeHo another chance to see if it was just an off night (as I hope it was).


That will be for sure my first order when I make it to Sahm.


So many people have echoed this very sentiment about this place… Must bring pre-prandial dose of blood pressure pills before dining there, it seems…


Had a spectacular dinner here last night. Firing on all cylinders. Yes, it’s salty, yes, it’s spicy. The people on the west side giving it bad reviews on Yelp have no idea what they’re talking about. Probably the best “3 star Yelp” restaurant in America.

Classics were all on point. I ordered extra spicy, and got what I asked for. Startled pig is still ripping me up next day. But it was so delicious. Tried this delicious cold, sweet, and spicy chicken noodle salad. It had tons of crispy garlic, pineapple coconut cream, and was just an overall flavor bomb.


I wish I could drag those people straight to hell.

Does anyone know if they’re planning to start lunch service soon?


how was the wait?


I went at 10pm and waited 15 minutes to sit. Which to me is indicative of a pretty lengthy wait in prime time on a Friday or Saturday. But you can get wine while waiting, which we did. Place was completely packed when we walked up at 10.


The soft-shell crab currently on the specials sheet is very good as well and comes with an excellent, refreshing Thai salad on the side that also balanced nicely with some of the other, spicier dishes I had ordered. In fact, most of the items on the specials sheet are well-worth trying.


Sahm now delivers. Langer’s Pastrami Drunken Noodles straight to your door, boiiiiiii.


Strong reconnoitering.


How are the salt levels lately?


Seemed fine to me. Also had some bites of the pad thai and didn’t detect anything amiss in the salt realm. Of course, I’ve never had any issues with over-salted dishes at any of their locations.


Thanks. I went about six weeks ago for the first time. Three of us ordered a decent amount - five to six dishes? We all were in agreement on how salty some of the dishes were.

When this place opened, we were so glad that a place with a chef/owner having a great rep had opened so close. After the salt issue, we’ve been in no rush to go back. We’ve rarely experienced overly salty issues at Thai eateries in the past, so we were very surprised. Thanks again.


Last Monday evening, @SpockSpork and I were seated immediately around 8PM? There was a wait for bigger parties, though, I think.

Did you like them? @SpockSpork thought they were great, but I thought the pastrami taste was overwhelmed by the rest of the dish.

Do you remember which dishes? I don’t recall thinking the dishes were hugely salty, but I really love salt.


Honestly don’t recall exactly. A pork dish, a beef dish, a couple of noodle dishes, papaya salad (?) and possibly a special or two. The menu is brief for a Thai eatery, so it’s not not we ordered anything not frequently ordered.

We are hoping it’s a “Where is Sergio?” issue. But @J_L mentioned the same about the salt.


I did! But I can’t imagine saying I disliked anything with Langer’s pastrami in it…


I do think that there is a distinct saltiness, but I don’t find it at all off-putting. The salty goes well w/ the funk and spicy, IMO. Will be interested to see if you find the food better/different on a subsequent visit (if you give it another try).