Home Cooking 2018


Butternut squash soup to start, then a fancy meatloaf with mashed potaoes and roasted veggies. More comfort food than fancy food.


for something easy and for the fall weather, we like to do a shabu-shabu party.
it’s mostly prep, buy some good meat, chop up the vegetables and all you have to really worry about is all the clean up at the end of the night.
it’s fun and interactive


My fave is what I still call from CH days “Will Owens pork shoulder” @nashwill


Also from CH, this time thew, his oven-baked polenta

And whatever leafy green vegetable you choose - maybe kale?


“We’re souper grateful,
so come grab a spoonful.”


That is so clever that I literally LOLed when I read it. Love it!


i always enjoy a nice butt in the fall