Home Cooking 2018


They look like it too.


Baked Thighs w/Lemon & Pan Roasted Fingerlings

I hadn’t thought much about fingerlings other than they were an easy side dish. But I’ve been getting them a lot lately and they have a good, distinctive flavor - earthy & almost floral.

Sautéed Carrots

I usually make these with molasses & sherry vinegar, but I’m still restocking my cabinets from our move. I had honey & apple cider vinegar and they were quite good.

Braised Leeks

These have tough leaves and could have been cooked a tad longer with more of the papery outsides removed. But they’re super easy when done right - tender and delicately flavorful. I’m going to do more while they’re still good.

With a little Lemon Pan Sauce :kissing_closed_eyes:


Please give time and temp on the carrots. It all looks sumptuous.



Med-high then low-simmer. Time depends on how many carrots and how done you want them (about 10-15 mins), knife test for doneness. I covered them with a pierced circle of parchment paper.


If you find carrots with tops on, chop up the leaves and use in place of parsley - about tbls cooked with carrots and some for garnish.


Ooh, I like that. Thanks again.