Home Cooking 2018


That is NICE! What good friends you have. :slight_smile:


Where did your friend get the oysters?

BTW, driving through Shasta on Saturday trying to get ahead of weather.


R @ R meats in Redding


Have you bought from them? Meat or seafood? I’d love to recommend them to our friends in Shasta.


I haven’t. But whatever my friend has always bought from them has always been A . Recommended


Thanks Em.


I made the Momofuku bo ssam for a dinner party with some friends who have an active toddler. It was the first meal the parents have been able to sit down and enjoy together in a long time…while the kiddo toddled around my house so they could eat in peace. The lettuce wraps, kimchi, japchae and the sauces were so good…and we didn’t need rice.
They brought the custard pie from the Pie Hole for dessert, and another set of friends brought cheeses and charcuterie as appetizers. There was plenty of wine with dinner. I forgot to take pics.


I totally forgot to post a photo of that thank you dinner.

Phyllo-wrapped salmon with chimichurri, tri tip, garlic spinach, and roasted cherry tomatoes. It had been warm that week so I scrapped the soup idea. But I may do a soup party during New Year’s.


“Phyllo-wrapped salmon with chimichurri” I really need to be more creative. :slight_smile: Your meal looks marvelous.


@TheCookie It’s an old French technique that was popular in the 90’s. Eric Ripert has it in Avec Eric book and Martha Stewart has an old YouTube video. Butter two pieces of phyllo, season and wrap the salmon like a package, seal with more butter, into a 400 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes. Until the phyllo is nice and golden brown. I added the sauce as a contrast.


It looks so great. I’ve been wanting to phyllo. :wink:


My Shasta friend likes it but doesn’t go there very often because it takes “so long.” Not my POV.


A great friend indeed.


Question @attran99: did the salmon cook to rare or medium?


@TheCookie It was between medium rare and medium.


I looked at a couple of Eric Ripert versions. He cooks them in an oiled, non-stick sauté pan on top of the stove. :thinking: I’m sure I’d screw that up. I’m doing it your way.


Gave a neighbor her choice of “What can I cook for you?” for her Xmas gift, and of all the things I have cooked for her over the years? She chose the Broccoli Cheddar soup from Parade Magazine (I’d made it for her once.)

Made it again and I am happy to say? Tastes far better than you’d think. Silky, rich (but not too rich) and about 30 minutes, start to finish.

I also just (at a friends request) made the Enchanted Broccoli Forest Spicy Gingerbread. 3 T of grated fresh ginger for an 8" square cake. Gads. Why did I let so many years pass in making another batch? Awesome.

I think tomorrow I am going to make batch of “Stay in Bed.”


I’ll send you the Eric Ripert recipe from the book I have. I chose to do it Martha’s way because his instructions for folding/wrapping were not as concise as I would have liked.


Great! Yeah, his wrapping instructions seemed kinda’ vague.