Home Cooking 2019


It take me 4 minutes to grate it. I don’t see myself switching, but I’m happy you’re happy


Ditto. :slight_smile:


This is very good to know. I was just given an air fryer and I know it can do tons of stuff but did not know where to start. (As I may have mentioned, I will probably naughtily start with donuts. But after that Idid not have a clue!)

My fryer came with a recipe book and churros are in there. Perhaps I should start with those… :yum:


No pictures but…

A big pot of chicken chili, using my new instant pot. Then rice to go with it, in my new Xmas gift extra insert so that I can Instant Pot back to back.

Then last night a “Wow, I can’t believe they had the turkey brand I like, on sale, in January” roast turkey. 15 pounds which is not too big but when you add in all the veggies and broth (I do a semi braise) it gets HEAVY. Mashed potatoes and fresh green beans to go with.

Tonight? Leftovers : )


So it was already roasted? Or you cooked it in the IP? Please advise :slight_smile:


Blue cheese crackers with fig jam. :+1:



Would you share a recipe please? Those sound GREAT!




Nope, not already roasted (and way too big for the instant pot, though I could probably do a breast or half breast in the IP.)

A frozen bird, this brand -

15 pounds for $9, so about 60¢ a pound I think? But also, I’d picked up the same brand of turkey at Jons, after Thanksgiving, for 79¢ a pound - and adored it. Free range, pre-brined and very very flavorful. So when I saw it at GO it was a no brainer to grab it. One of their last two.

The cashier said that a gal had bought one - and then days later came back and bought nine, not on discount - as her husband had liked it so. My first thought was “Yay! My taste has been vindicated!” My second thought was “Wow, she has space for nine frozen turkeys?!!!”

And thus the adventure continues… : )


Maybe she was planning on giving as hostess gifts :slight_smile:


Yum! And the sauce sounds swoon worthy.


Wagyu NY strip from Eataly. On sale for $38 per lb instead of $70 per lb. Great beefy flavor. Nice amount of fat and well distributed. I think it was well cooked if I do say so myself considering my kids don’t love steak too red. Very difficult balance since I am a medium rare guy.

Kids devoured it. Served with chipolini onions, roasted fingerlings and roasted broccoli. The sweet sausage is just ok. I prefer the Italian sausage at WF and Cortinas. Appetizer of burrata, parmesan and prosciutto with aged balsamic on baguettes. I’d go broke if I lived in LA with my kids.


What sausage???


Sweet Italian sausage from Eataly was not very good. Much prefer the sausage from WF and Cortinas. Didnt take pictures.


Oh. Thanks. So that was part of the meal also. Gotcha.


Wow… everyone’s gettin’ down in the kitchen! And as usual @Bookwich is full of surprises.


Black-eyed Peas & Baked Chicken. Happy 2019!


I gotta admit, I’m preferring a lot of things from WF lately.


Ooh, what’s the ‘jus’ with the BEPs?


What did I cook them in?