Home Cooking 2019


I haven’t been on Home Cooking in a while. Things have sure elevated around here. You guys are making me drool.

Crushed isn’t the end of the world @JeetKuneBao. My mom made a delicious, rich sauce - like yours looks - with crushed and paste, so did I for years. If you don’t feel like pulling out the food processor to crush whole peeled ones, slice off the tops and crush them by hand right into the pot. It’s messy but it’ll make you feel Italian. :blush:

Your sauce looks very good. Totally different sauce, but it reminds me of Ethiopian Doro Wat, especially with that egg.

P.S. I take pictures of my ingredients too, to remember what I used.


The United Nations of Salmon Croquettes

Needing to go shopping and searching the cupboards. This started with cans of TJs unsalted salmon, panko, eggs, white onions, lemon pepper grinder, fried in olive oil and butter, intending to be doused with some kind of mustardy aioli-ish something. But then I made a sharp turn to the south and the east with a hint of Germany thrown in.


Oh man… this recipe makes me wish I had a pressure cooker. Tell me you made carotene butter. :blush:


We may be the only people on the Left Coast who don’t love salmon but I have great tuna. Perhaps with that? I love panko.


Love the curry ketchup. So German of you . Fries with mayo and curry ketchup is my fave .


Yep, I make them with tuna too. Tuna gets nice, crispy edges and I melt some cheese on them! Tuna falls apart easier, drain it good, use more egg and panko.


My cousin (and bff) was raised in Germany and her dad still lives there. @J_L turned me onto the curry ketchup and now when she goes I request it before chocolate.


Ooh, good suggestions. Thanks.


I’m hungry!


Way way before chocolate. I have to order some now that you brought up curry ketchup.


Would this work?



Yep, that looks like it.


Oh hell no! I didn’t even core the carrots.


Hah, okay, I won’t be so anal about following instructions to the letter. I’m going to try and make it with what I have.


Exactly! It’s the technique of elevated temperature due to increased pressure and the high pH from the baking soda causing lots of tasty Maillard reactions. You can apply it anyway you like!


So then the pressure cooker is kind of essential?


It’s funny, I seem to use it more in Asian preparations - dipping sauces and such. But on hotdogs I still like plain old ketchup & mustard. I’m curious what others use it for (she brought me a lot this time). I think @J_L said Taiwanese Pork Chops.


Yes. I still prefer a small stovetop pot to the popular Instant Pot, but the Instant Pot is sooooooo inexpensive.


I’m sorry @Emglow101. You and J_L both hipped me to the curry ketchup. What ways do you use it?


A “small” stovetop pressure cooker? That could work for me. I’m on the fence about the Instant Pot. I hate clutter.