Home Cooking 2019


I like the Kuhn Rikon products. Not cheap, but like the All-Clad of pressure cookers.


This is great for 8 oz. of dried beans, too.


Okay, great. Do you find that you use it a lot? Like in place of dutch ovens, slow cookers and such?


I use my pressure cookers pretty regularly.
I have a huge Kuhn Rikon that I use for large batches of stock, a small Kuhn Rikon that I use for beans, lentils, farro, polenta, etc.
I can make polenta that is every bit as good as the slow versions in 10 minutes. I can make beans that are almost as good as the slow version in about 30 minutes. I can make stews that are like 90% as good as the slow versions in under an hour.
Dutch ovens are are almost always better . . . but in my house we all work or go to school. I need some shortcuts.


Ohhh, this is good stuff. I’m good with those shortcuts. My cousin is obsessed with what the Thermomix can do. All her transplanted European friends have one. :blush: I told her that while it’s tempting (you can make installment payments) I ultimately passed. Cooking is a hobby and the Thermomix could take away the joy - success, failure, giving up, redemption. On the other hand everyday cooking is a drag, a happy medium like a pressure cooker would be great.

P.S. That same cousin was amazed when I showed her photos of my post-thanksgiving spread. I said “It was easy. I made it all in my Thermomix!” She fell out laughing.


today is a good day in minnesota to turn the oven on. spice-crusted sirloin roast for lunch (plus enough for cold roast beef sandwiches or thai-style beef salad tomorrow):



Any time you would use ketchup. Its time to have this on all grocery shelves. I was hooked after vacationing in Germany.


Roast chicken breast, roast beets and tomatoes and mac n cheese (straight from the freezer!)


Roughage Disguised as a Taco Salad


Meatless Shepherd’s Pie


Chicken Meatball Soup

Boy, I wish I had this today…


Love the sear you got on your meatballs.


Excellent looking @moonboy403. Couple of questions, if I may. Your short ribs are bone in? Your carrot purée looks perfect. Can you share some tips?


Correct on bone-in but I took the bones off once they were done braising.

As for the carrot puree, I loosely followed ChefStep’s recipe. I used a mandoline slicer to quickly slice the carrots as thin as possible so they’ll cook within minutes in a pot with a bit of salt, butter, and a splash of water. Then off it goes to my Vitamix to puree it. Adjust the viscosity of the puree to your liking by adding water or stock. Finally, salt and squeeze in lemon juice to taste.


Do you leave the connective tissue on? Or do you have a good method to separate? I don’t have a hard time getting them off the bone it’s that the connective tissue stays attached to the meat and it’s hard for me to remove it without the meat starting to shred. It’s thick, chewy and kinda’ gross (to me). I usually just leave it on and serve them on the bone, then take off the gristle when I shred for leftovers.

Ahhh… a Vitamix. Yeah, I don’t think a small food processor would make it that smooth and my crappy blender is in storage. :thinking:


Slice off silver skin and excess fat with a sharp knife when the short ribs are raw.

Do you have an immersion blender? Those work reasonably well too!


I was talking about that thick gelatinous part that holds the meat to the bone. It slides right off with the meat. I know you like stewed tendon and such. :wink: Do you just leave it on?

I do. Thanks!


I like that connective tissue :slight_smile:


My husband does too sometimes. I don’t mind that it stays on because I know where it is and just cut mine off as I’m eating. But I’ve seen that look on some guests faces when they bite down on it and are trying to figure out whether to put it in a napkin or politely swallow it. :sweat_smile: So I serve it on the bone now.


In that case, either slice off the entire bottom half of the short ribs where the bone and connective tissues are or get the boneless ones from Costco. I really don’t notice them very much…perhaps I’m used to them or my IP really softened them up!