Home Cooking 2019


Yeah, but cooking on the bone in the sauce is better. “IP”? I’ve only made them in a dutch oven.

Anyway, it’s a pretty dish. I like the way you did carrots two-ways. We’ve been eating a lot of carrots lately and I definitely need new ways to cook them.

Let’s not forget that Ragu too. :kissing_smiling_eyes:



We’ve been making these short ribs for 20+ years I’m guessing. They’re super.



Oh nice, baked. I love the recipe I use and get a lot of compliments on it. But I’m always willing to try new ones if they look interesting. Thanks.


Care to share? (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!)


Yes, I’ll find it.


Oh that is a game I play with myself many a day!


My half of a T-bone (Bob gets the bone), baked potato and spinach. The filet side of that steak was crazy good.


My take off from Judy Rogers Zuni chicken .


On CH I once asked if anyone had done it and any other, did they find any other better? (Does that make sense?) No one had. I was just talking to someone about it today. And while I do it far more alone, the salad is so, so great.


I only dry brined for 7 hours in the fridge with the last 2 on the counter. Lower temp of 465 for the first 35 min . Turned the chicken over raised temp to 475 cooked a round 30 min . Flipped back over to breast side up . Cooked for 10 min . Then set the broiler on low with the oven door slightly ajar . Kept a eye on it for around 10 min or so . Just looking for color . 4.15 pound bird . Electric oven .


So you’ve not done the full on Zuni way? Give it a try sometime. Oh, wait, I remember you’re saying recently that you’re a recipe cynic :slight_smile:


Stuffed trout, there were four, but someone ate one right away.

One of my friends (Central European), filleted her fish so beautifully. It’s a learned skill, I suppose.


em, thought you might enjoy this.


Now why would I do that . Lol . Crispy skin , juicy . Mines better .


LOL indeed. Who says? I’m pretty sure I’m older than you so respect your elders :slight_smile: xoc


Very nice @Bookwich. I’ve done them stuffed on the grill but not in the oven. Do you put liquid or oil in the pan? Do you cover them? :slight_smile:


A little oil and a little broth, covered for 10 minutes, flipped then cranked the heat to 450 uncovered for ~10 minutes. The skin was very thick, no way it was going to crisp up.


They look plump & healthy. Did you get them at the grocery store?


I hear ya’. I think when I grilled whole fish it was branzino not trout, maybe thinner skin. But I love trout more.


While reading a F&W article here’s a trout/branzino one they talked about:

I’m whole fish phobic but with encouragement maybe I could do this.