Hop Woo is serving authentic Szechuan Food in the Westside


I can make "Tell Sergio to give it to me 麻辣 " t-shirts for y’all to sport…


Do you recommend anything at Hop Li? One location is super close to me…


Ummmm… nope.


Agreed! I’m saying this as a criticism of the restaurant, not you, my friend.

My same Uncle who always forces us to eat at Yongsusan loves Hop Li on SM Blvd, if that tells you anything. :grin:


Wait, no, it doesn’t. I looked up Yongsusan but misspelled it, and my phenomenal search skills got “Young Susan Sarandon.” I finally found the restaurant you’re referred to (one search b/f I resorted to the quotation marks)… Is it terrible???


Is water wet?


It’s the Yamashiro of K-town.


Anybody know what to make of the fact that the restaurant menu, the restaurant website menu, the doordash menu, and the grubhub menu are all different? They all follow approximately the same formulae, and they all have roughly similar pricing, but they only overlap a bit.

In the end we called the restaurant and ordered directly, which worked out fine, but they said they preferred online orders. I asked which site to use, and they seemed to think they were all the same.

Kinda strange experience.

(On the ma-la note… the stuff we ordered was very slightly numbing… hardly enough to notice until you took a mouthful of ice water and then thought… oh yeah, can’t feel cold properly)


I would wear one of those in a second. I may perhaps bedazzle it.