How do you Furikake?


Aside from the more typical uses, such as a topping on rice, noodles, salad, tofu, French fries, baked potatoes, or as seasoning on such things like fish, chicken, pork, beef, etc., what other new or unusual uses do you have for furikake?

Lately, I’ve been sprinkling it on basic vanilla ice cream, and just a gentle dusting of it on espresso macchiato really adds a new dimension to coffee.


Spam musubi. And reheated rice, a raw egg, a little sesame oil and soy sauce for breakfast.


Don’t give @kevin any ideas…


Deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, furikake butter, furikake yoghurt for dipping green beans, clam chowder. Avocados.


I miss @MaladyNelson


This doesn’t qualify as “unusual”. Plus it constitutes an ipsedixit, mayo nightmare. But it’s a hit at my house. :yum: So…

Half salmon filet (tweezer any stray bones, scrape scales) spread wasabi mayo on flesh, sprinkle furikake, bake on high or broil until mayo is crispy and salmon is cooked med/rare, sprinkle extra furikake and serve as an hors d’oeuvre with favorite cracker.

Happy furikake-ing!


You’ve given me an idea! I love adding my homegrown fatalii peppers when I make mayo. I should pepper it with furikake for an extra flavor! Maybe roll the corn I’ve grown it in!! Getting hungry!


That’s some complex mayo you got going on there.

I really like fatalli peppers. Maybe you should dry some, mince and add to furikake mix.


Sounds interesting! Do you know if you can dry the peppers in an oven? My Miele says I can dry fruit, etc, in it.


Of course you can.


Likely not unusual, but I add furikake to my freshly popped popcorn.


On my English muffin with cream cheese and tomatoes.


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