How do you save money eating out...or staying home and cooking?


Hi @BubblyOne -

We’re more the road tripper types too, with a big trip every couple of years.

We also pack snacks and drinks for the room. Slight departure from @catholiver. We sometimes stay at hotels/motels w/kitchens & communal BBQs (palm springs has many). We go to market first day we arrive and get things for breakfast and grilling. It’s actually more private than full service hotels with staff all over. But things have been so hectic the last couple of years; we don’t want to cook on vacation. We’ve been staying at what we call “It would be my pleasure.” hotels. But that will probably change again. But definitely bring our own snacks and drinks.

We prefer boutique hotels to bigger resorts. You can usually find ones that serve a continental breakfast and have complimentary snacks and soft drinks in the lobby or office.

And yes, tipping well is a must - for us anyway :slight_smile:.

Happy trails!


I’m tempted to join NYT to get these blocked food articles, but already did it for LAT. :unamused:


Oh, they block the food ones also? I finally broke down two years ago and subscribed. Not for food purposes but that’s fine also. And recently I did WaPo.


Hi @Google_Gourmet -

I used to bring my own food too. But am I wrong, doesn’t TSA now confiscate food and drinks at security check? How do you get it on the plane?



Speaking of gussying up soups - I had some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup the other day @catholiver and put milk in it :yum:. I’m not much of a processed food gal, but Campbell’s soup is definitely one of my comfort foods.


Drinks yes. Food no. And I empty my water bottle before going through security and refill after.


I don’t know if I mentioned this but I’ve carried it with me on international trips. Rio doesn’t have it period and the ones they do have, i.e., cream of mushroom, cost about US$5.


My favorite way to eat. Give me a cheese plate, pâté, cold roast chicken, cornichons/olives, - okay I’ll stop, you get my drift - a baguette and I’m in hog heaven!


Yep, you mentioned you travel with it. I’ll never forget that :smile:.


And the Greek bread is really good. At breakfast they serve it with whipped butter and honey!!!



I’m trying to talk d.h. into Greece. He says I’m not allowed to go to Greece… or Paris, until I’ve been to Italy. Okay, I can live with that :slight_smile:.

:airplane_arriving: :it:


Hi Cookie,

TSA confiscates liquids (more than 3oz?), but not solid foods. Certain foods may not clear customs at destination, so we mostly eat everything in flight.

We had to surrendered 2 wine openers (waiter’s corkscrews) to the TSA just within the last year. My wife still insists that corkscrews are carryon-able. Yeah, ok. Like I’m going to argue the fine points of the regs with the agent next time they try to take my (her) screw. Since the agent already has the blue gloves on hand, I think I will acquiesce to his/her definition of lethal weapon.


Good point about eating certain things before going through customs. I regularly carry things like spices, flour, sugar, olive oil. But I’m kinda guessing that fresh cheeses and meats could be a problem. But I don’t know that. I carry things like the above mentioned so that I’m not having to buy large quantities of somethings that I’ll only use a small amount. Saving money :slight_smile:



Seriously, they are slightly incompetent. I don’t say this with pleasure, because my life depends on them being competent. But okay, flag a corkscrew for precaution’s sake. But there is an item far more immobilizing they never pick-up on during screening. I won’t say what it is, but just know, you are flying “at your own risk”.

Happy travels!


This is totally off-topic but I thank almost all the TSA agents I encounter. Yeah, they don’t do such a great job - statistics wise - but it’s a sucky job. You wouldn’t believe the comments I get when I say, “thanks for the work you do.”


It’s a crap shoot. I recently made it out of Aruba with two bottles of hot sauce. I cruised through the first two security checks, but was stopped by TSA Guy #3.

TSA Guy #3: There are two bottles in your bag.
Me: Yes.
TSA Guy #3 What are they?
Me: Hot sauce. I bought them at the Super Food. They’re sealed. They’re souvenirs. One’s for me, and one’s for my neighbors as a thank you for watching my cat. The hot sauce in Aruba is awesome. I love hot sauce.*
(TSA Guy #3 confers briefly with a colleague.)
TSA Guy #3 : Ok. Go ahead.
Me: Yay!

*I talk a lot when I’m nervous.


Yep, definitely a thankless job - which they should be paid more for. Their budget is about to get smaller too. I don’t blame the workers. But just know, dangerous items are getting on planes everyday.


Good call on their part.
I talk a lot when nervous too :wink:.


Next time put them in your checked bag. Underwear makes a great cushion )


I remember you talking about Sam F from CH . He would cook in his hotel room regularly . I have done that when I am in the hotel in Mt Shasta .I have a box of cooking gear that I toss in the trunk when I travel up there .Which is quite often . Most prized is my Bialetti mocha express for my coffee .That alone saves $ 5.00 a day. I stay from 10 - 30 days .