How do you season your steak?


We eat a lot of steak (mostly ribeyes) and usually season them with just kosher salt & pepper, but I’m getting a little tired of that. Any favorite seasonings, dry rubs, marinades, sauces, etc.? Thanks!



When I have leftover steak or roast beef I often serve it with a variation on Esterhazy sauce containing a lot of diced turnips and carrots (and maybe rutabaga or celery root if I have some on hand), enough that it’s the vegetable for the meal. It’s good cold or hot.


Are you talking about pre-fire prep or post-fire additions?






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Also, the famous melted butter/soy sauce combination works wonders for leftover steak.


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Ooh, gotta try that.

looks up Esterhazy sauce

That sounds good. Thanks!


Kosher sea salt, Brazilian style.


Rub on some olive oil and crack lots of black peppercorns on it before cooking.

Sprinkle some Maldon salt or add a round of maitre d’hotel butter immediately after cooking.


grapeseed Oil
Lawry’s garlic salt
coarse black pepper
grilled over Trader Joe’s hardwood briquettes


covered in chimichurri from Puerto Madero in Santa Ana


Nobu teriyaki recipe (sub low sodium shoyu and half the sugar)


When I roast a tri-trip, I like to make a base rub out of S&P, onion and garlic powder. From there, depending on mood, I’ll add one or more of the following: dry mustard (coleman’s), coriander, cumin, paprika, finely ground coffee or cocoa powder for a hint of chocolate sweetness.

Oh and you can make your own chimichurri sauce too if you like that.


I dry age my steaks.

That’s how I season my steaks at home.


That’s how I grew up with them. I still use it for quick, weeknight grilling. Love that taste of nostalgia.

When I have time:

Avocado oil
Kosher salt (sometimes pepper, sometimes not).
Smashed garlic cloves
Rosemary sprigs (and whatever other herbs you like)
Vacuum seal and sous vide
Sear in cast iron with said garlic, herbs and a healthy pat of butter
Finish with Maldon salt.


I don’t recall where I learned this, but sometimes I will leave steaks or whole chickens on a rack/sheet pan for a few days in the refrigerator (uncovered). It gives a funkiness with the beef, and crispness with the chicken.


I use these, Work quite well. I buy a whole boneless prime ribeye at Costco then dry age it for a month. I cut a few roasts and some steaks out of it. Dry aged steaks can take freezing a lot better than wet aged (less water) so I freeze what I don’t use in the first week or two. When cooking steaks I just salt a few hours before cooking.


Here’s a (crummy) photo of a steak I found in the bottom of the freezer that had been there for three years. Totally good.


Does the meat develop the usual beneficial mold in those trick bags?


Lawry’s garlic salt is also great on homemade popcorn cooked in olive oil and finished with butter.