How do you season your steak?


Yes it does. I have to trim the entire surface just like any dry aged beef.


I’ll have to try that. I have a compatible FoodSaver.


Whatever Stinking Rose does to their steak…


I’ll need to try that. I’ve started cooking my popcorn in duck fat. So good.




Do you then put butter on it?


You could put more duck fat on it if it wasn’t greasy and ducky enough.

I like it with a bowl of duck crackling on the side.


Oooohhhhh. Now you’re talking :slight_smile:


Or, really, how can you eat fries without mayo?


We ALWAYS eat fries with mayo but just Best Foods. I’m going to a new party, I can tell :slight_smile:


Of course!


Pre-grill seasoning:
Hawaiian red clay salt and pepper
Lawrys Montreal steak seasoning.

Homemade chimichurri sauce
maitre de butter with garlic and herbs
Mushrooms sautéed in a ton of butter with garlic cloves and rosemary

If I’m using a post grill topping, then I just season the steak with kosher salt and pepper.


Our household prefers a dry rub on meat in general. This dry rub is from a “Fine Cooking” magazine article from (I think) about a decade ago. We use it often, primarily for beef and lamb.

Cumin 2 tblspns
Dried oregano 1 tblspn
Ground black pepper 1 tblspn
Brown sugar 1 tblspn
Cinnamon 1 1/2 teaspn
Sweet paprika 1 1/2 teaspn
Salt 1 teaspn

The proportions are flexible. I’m usually more generous with cumin and somewhat more with cinnamon.

Pimenton works nicely in place of the sweet paprika. The smokiness…




I do this with skin on pork. Leave on rack in fridge overnight, with a heavy coating of salt.


This thread is so funny.

I just remembered when I was a very young mother, and we were not wealthy by any means, sometimes I would go out of my way to buy the boy and his father beautiful, organic, farm-raised steaks for dinner, and lovingly grill them, then dad would plop a bottle of A1 sauce on the dinner table!

I would get so mad, “Stop teaching him that! He should be tasting the beef!”


I like sea salt with freshly ground white pepper, black pepper, green peppercorns and pink peppercorns. Then, years ago, Russ Parsons, from the LATimes, emailed me and said he also adds allspice (and said pink peppercorns are tasteless). I like that rub, including allspice, on my standing rib roasts. The pink peppercorns might be tasteless but they are pretty!


So do you crush the peppercorns? I can’t imagine any being tasteless. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, I crush the pink peppercorns in a mini mortar and pestle. I have a grinder for my white, black and green peppercorns, so they get ground that way.

BTW, I buy my white peppercorns in the Thai markets. They are loads cheaper there!


I season mine with salt and mesquite charcoal