How the Kiwi Changed New York’s Food Scene [NYT]


Well, there is one sentence sort of buried in the article mentioning California did all this first. Thanks, NYT.


I’m not sure California had kiwi fruit before New York did. For some years they were all imported from New Zealand. And better than the local stuff that eventually replaced them. Just like Granny Smith apples.


They do talk a lot about other food trends of that era. Papaya, goat cheese, and pink peppercorns hardly were made famous by NY chefs. Read it again.


I haven’t read it yet, just talking about the headline.

I got some raspberry vinegar and pink and green peppercorns to make an 80s dinner out of the Great Chefs of San Francisco cookbook someday.


Yeah, most of those things were in Berkeley and SF before they got to NYC.

Southwestern fusion (French food with chiles etc.) is what I miss most from those days. I think that started in Berkeley but the best I had might have been in NYC, some place on 14th St.? Campanile?