How would you tip in this situation


My thoughts too.

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tip based on effort and likelihood of reordering from said restaurant.


20% or $3, whichever is greater.


20% or $3, whichever is greater.

this is how you end up at the bottom of the pecking order for DoorDash/GrubHub/Postmates.


I agree, this is correct. I can’t bring myself to practice it though. The tip line on the takeout order is sitting there
waiting, like a judge.


Lucky for me, I don’t use any of those services.


The delivery service tips are separate - restaurants neither gain or benefit. And the new delivery services are so efficient that the experience is virtually the same “here you go. thanks. bye.” rate & tip later. It’s hard to know what to tip based on this new criteria. I was looking for a standard, because I think I’ve been chintzy lately. When we first discovered delivery services we were in flux and sooo grateful for the ease - it was big tips galore. Then I started thinking “We’re ordering too much and I need to stop this”, it became 10-15%. But should the the delivery person suffer because we’re ordering out too much? I would never do that in a restaurant. Or is 10-15% really suffering? :thinking: Any thoughts?


At the end of the day delivery driver effort is less based on value and more based on various circumstances such as traffic, stairs, unwieldy boxes/drinks, etc.

A smaller tip on a simple high value item like a Sugarfish “trust me” box is understandable (although this is debatable given the miserable waiting experience for Togo orders @ Sugarfish). A $3 tip on 4 XL pizzas, 3 drinks, ice cream, up 4 flights of stairs and no guest parking during peak dinner hours? That’s reason for violence.




Okay, got it. It seems the same, but it’s not actually equal.


Why would you not do that in a restaurant. Delivery is much harder . Traffic , gas , insurance, wear and tear.


Yep, got it.


Drivers get reimbursed for those costs by the restaurant.


Interns are free. They are great for these tasks.


In restaurants our minimum tip is 20% of final bill, post tax.

Delivery tip is usually a flat amount, rather than a percent of the final bill. Minimum of $5.00, usually $10.00, depending on the size/complexity of the order, weather, etc.

We don’t use any of the delivery service; always order directly from restaurants that deliver.

Edited to add:
In restaurants, at least where and how we tend to eat, the size of our bill tends to reflect number of items ordered and thus the number of trips the server had to make to the table (instead of it reflecting us ordering just a few, very expensive dishes - does this make sense?).

With delivery, it’s a matter of the driver getting the order together at the restaurant and then getting it to us. So the tip is based on those acts, rather than a server who is constantly interacting with/checking on us.


Not directly.


Good tipper @ElsieDee.

In restaurants we usually double the tax 9.50% + a few dollars more (if service is good). If it’s a place we frequent and have good rapport with the chef or staff then it’s about 25% pre-tax sometimes post tax. We’ve tipped host/hostess as well on certain occasions (accommodating special requests, big unruly party, want to be remembered, etc). A couple of times we’ve received such bad service - where the server totally checked-out and the busboy was hustling and doing all the work. We left the server a token and gave the busboy the tip. My stepdad used to tell us when it comes to bad service “Never be intimidated into tipping. But always leave a tip even if it’s a dollar, so the server knows you didn’t forget.” He worked his way thru med school as a Pullman Porter on train dining cars. Their etiquette and manners had to be impeccable. In fact he’d be appalled at this open conversation about money and tipping. :sweat_smile: It’s a new day, Dad.

The thing about food delivery is unless it’s pizza we always use Postmates for delivery. They’re not packing food & utensils, they don’t handle a receipt, money or cc, just “Hi” and “Bye” and you tip afterward on the App. We had been paying 18% tip. I started to wonder if that’s excessive and the last couple of times I gave an Ebenezer-style tip of 10-15%. So I decided to ask y’all. I think the general consensus is that 18% is correct??


This is making me want to investigate and maybe cancel the annual preferred member fee we’re paying Postmates for free delivery. This clearly reads $0 delivery fee for orders over $20. which is always the case with us.


not if you order from DoorDash / UberEats / Postmates

I started to wonder if that’s excessive and the last couple of times I gave an Ebenezer-style tip of 10-15%. So I decided to ask y’all. I think the general consensus is that 18% is correct??

If you live in a house with easy street parking and tip $5 in cash every time, you would be considered a top tier tipper. If you consistently tip MORE than $5, you’re basically a unicorn.

It takes a delivery driver significantly more effort to deliver 2 XL pizzas and a large drink ($50) than it does to deliver $100 worth of sushi, therefore percentage based tipping does not fairly compensate delivery drivers.


Got it. So I still need to use my head. :slight_smile: