Howlin' Ray's


Anybody try their new chicken sandwich? I’ve had their hot chicken and it was cluckin hot.

Howlin’ Ray’s
727 N Broadway #128
Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you want fried chicken, get thee to Pizza Romana
Weekend Eating Trip May19-20

I’ve had it a half dozen times. It is really fucking good!


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Thanks bob! I’m not sure how active I’ll be, but I’m here!


Welcome my friend.


That looks fucking delicious. Do they come in different spiciness levels like the chicken?


offalo - nice to see you here and in my recon to locate this chicken sandwich (I see it’s a truck), I see you’ve been keeping up the good work…so here’s some PR


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Thanks JAB, Mr_JJ, kevin, et al.

@PorkyBelly, they do allow you to specify the spiciness. I have had it from Mild (which is still spicy) to Hot. I’ve learned that XHOT is just across that pain/pleasure line. They will do it even Country Fried (not spicy at all) but I haven’t tried it.


Howlin Rays appears to be just doing Sunday this week. Normal?


Usually they operate Wed-Sun at various locations. It’s possible they just haven’t updated their calendar for this week, but I would expect them to be at Abbot Kinney tomorrow night.


i really need to hit that shit up.

today bad I have plans for fucking tomorrow night.

and that’s no joke.

but it’s a good plan.


Schedule for the week is up:


maybe I can go to AK on Wednesday


They’re serving wings now! 3 whole-segments large wings for $8, any spice level. Only on Wednesdays at The Brig on Abbot Kinney. Here’s my order:


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So hate you right now Mr Offalo.

And to think I had to settle for par-boiled turkey dogs tonight.

It’s quite the macabre quagmire.


I <3 you too kevin!

Don’t look at the Guerrilla Tacos thread…