Howlin' Ray's


I just saw this over on Eater LA. Not happy.
I really enjoyed Littlefork!


i liked it too but must be tons of competition in the oyster biz with connie and teds, hungry cat and many more…i know they had a different and nice niche which i enjoyed too.

funny how yesterday’s darlings are today’s history…ie that pretentious joint on wilshire in santa monica with the cheese plates and “large format” (haha) dishes.

edit…now remembering…tar and roses


this is some great fucking spicy fried chicken.


Tar & Roses isn’t gone yet. Still technically a temporary shutter. But yeah a lot of places are just flashes in a pan. Littlefork had a slow demise after Travi left.


oh, I though it was completely fucking shuttered.

thanks for the update.

and that joint was doing like fucking gangbusters, which is why I had no clue why it closed.


I have to believe with Tar & Roses it must just be some kind of insurance settlement problem, they were always packed and I still haven’t had the goat dinner yet….


this is great news for me, maybe now I’ll actually be able to try it.


same - Ricky aside, I’m not a truck chaser.


I did really like Littlefork too, but I’m excited for the Howlin’ Ray’s guys despite the fact that the move cuts them out of my regular rotation. Apparently, they will be doing pop-ups on the Westside and/or opening a second location here eventually. Details are unclear at this time.


Can someone tell me about their spice levels?


Their “Country Fried” (No Spice) was great. Not spicy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Their “Mild” (next level up) was very spicy. :frowning: Like Jitlada Hell. I told them about it (this was last month or more), and they apologized, saying they’d talk to the cook about it. Maybe an off day (but it was still tasty).


Mild sounds awesome.


Mild is indeed pretty fucking incredible.


I think it varies - and quite a lot - making it hard to know what to ask for.
I love heat, and lots of it, but first I had a spicy thigh that verged on inedible due to heat.
Then I had a spicy wing that was northern too hot not too mild for me.
Not sure how I will order next time.


Yah Ciao Bob. I guess it speaks to their homemade character perhaps (i.e., not having it precisely spiced (like a machine) each time)? Or that they’re just inconsistent on heat, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the chicken itself.


I’ve had both Xtra Hot and Howlin’ Hot and neither were unbearable to me. Just lip burn for a little while. Lol. Now I just get Howlin’ Hot all the time. So good.


Sounds good to me. Nothing in this city has been too hot for me. Chengdu taste tasty but overrated for heat. What’s the hottest stuff out there?


The only spicy dish here that I have been unable to finish was the chiles toreados taco at Guisados. Maybe I ought to try it again…


Medium was not that spicy but it builds. Thanks for the tip. The sandwich was excellent. Dat milk crate lifestyle too.

Will get the hot next time. Mac salad was average. Needs help.


Went to last truck service at Alibi Room. Bumped into @phamschottler from CH (guess she’s not on here yet?) and met @chrishei there. Got the quarter dark medium for myself, and Chris got the sandwich, medium as well. Wife and kid got mild.