Howlin' Ray's


so that’s what the white bread is for…


Does anyone ever eat that piece of bread for real for real though?


I did - not proud. Sops up all the juices and spice for you. When I was down to my last couple of bites, I peeled off the remaining meat and put it along with a piece of the battered skin on the bread, folded it over while wiping my red-drenched fingers on the bread and finished it off.


You da man! I would have done the same thing.


We’s alls da mens and womens!! But there’s only one ebethsdad da breadman!!


I’m seriously worried about you guys and this pepper thing.


My friend, I have posted this twice before, and someone else posted it a third time, but it is the quintessential explanation,


I know. But it’s fun watching again. I’m surprised one of you crazies hasn’t flown to Tennessee to compare it to Howlin’ Ray’s.


IIRC Ipse, the “blue faced guy” has already been there. I trust his judgement.


What did he say?


I guess its not exactly a reply.


Seriously helpful reply. When I got handed a bag full of white bread at Bludso’s, I was like, “WTF do I do w/ this???”


white bread in the style of wonderbread is one of those OG BBQ traditions that needs to die.


You hush your dirty birdy mouth! White wonderbread pairs PERFECTLY with BBQ, especially fatty brisket.


You know what pairs great with fatty brisket? More brisket.


Very funny!


Even the chickens have bigger breasts in LA :fire: :chicken: :poop: #theyrerealandtheyrespectacular #worthit


What does OG stand for?


Original Gangster


I have got to get to this damn place, but I am too proud to wait in line that long to spend tons of money on chicken.