Howlin' Ray's


Pro-tip: try going during dinner service this Thursday the 18th, don’t tell anyone


Oh shit. Howling Rays before the GnR concert.




good idea. that way you can enjoy the chicken calorie free
as you barf up your meal whilst listening to that…stuff.


They’re great in concert. Slash is really great. Have fun. Like to hear if Axl still sounds the same.


Yeah shhh… But @PorkyBelly, they’re open for dinner service now? Shhh…


They’re still experimenting with dinner service, the 18th will only be their second time doing dinner.


how you make the text blurry? Thanks for the tip.


Use the [spoiler] tag.


1:05pm: i’m at the end of the line

1:06pm: no longer at the end of the line

1:08pm: i look at the baos i got at baohaus and decide how to ration them

1:09pm: with 3 baos and assuming a 90 minute wait, i calculate 3 baos per 30 minutes to sustain me through this journey

1:12pm: i eat all my baos

1:18pm: i hope i put enough money in the parking meter

1:26pm: i reach the 45 minutes to an hour from this point sign

1:31pm: if two vegans are having an argument, is it still considered a “beef”?

1:45pm: at this point i fear i may not have the strength to make it to the end and contemplate drinking my own urine to survive.

1:57pm: i meet a new friend in line and get a second wind

2:01pm: i can smell the frying poultry

2:14pm: order placed

2:18pm: if i ordered and i’m waiting for my food doesn’t that make me the waiter?

2:33pm: the breast enters my mouth :fireworks::tada:

7:44am: :fire: :poop: :fire: :poop::fire: :poop:

7:53am: fin

Legendary Fried Chicken & Nashville Hot Chicken Hits L.A. - Howlin' Ray's New Restaurant!





Ah the old burning butt. I know it well lol.


BRAVO! STANDING OVATION! “Burning Love” for your multiple encores!


Fire in the hole is so worth it, though. :wink:


i hope the word gets out about this place


Nope. Not gonna fly here.

Funniest thing I ever saw about Nashville style Hot Chicken was on Bourdain’s show. He was interviewing the lady who (might have) invented Hot Chicken and asked her how often she eats it; she replied something like “Me? Never. That’s for white folks.”


LOL. Yah it seems LA Weekly’s a little late to the party, but hey, if it helps to keep Chef Zone and the restaurant going (not that it needed the help ;)), then I’m all for it.


I’m hoping that it generates so much business that Chef Zone opens more units.


If eating makes you sweat is it considered cardio? #askingforafriend :cold_sweat: :runner: :fire: :chicken: