Howlin' Ray's


Standing in line for 90+ minutes is cardio too, don’t forget…


and confirmed…


i can’t wait for them to open the new space and everyone compaining on how it used to taste better at the smaller locatiion. LOL!

in all seriousness though, i’ve had good experiences the times i’ve gone and i’m happy they’re doing so well


Now if they would just have longer hours…


Someone said … Ask Kathleen… that just sweating on hot day doesn’t make you lose clarions


One of the reasons they are not open longer is they don’t have the room to store more chicken. Maybe this will now change?


Ooh, that makes sense. Thanks! I sure hope so.


This sunday


Is there any time during the week that there is relatively no line?


Between 1 and 2:00 on Wednesday or Thursday is your best bet, there’s about a 30-45 minute wait.




check their twitter for wait times throughout the day. this is just begging for an app.


Good call will do



F*ck, yeah!!!

God, btw this and Pasta Sisters, I’m gonna be gaining a lot of weight…


Me so happy, me want to cry.

And Honey’s Kettle better watch their back. If Howlin’ Ray’s opens in CC, they’ll eat HK’s lunch.


I feel like these are different markets and both will be fine. But you may be right. I am praying it does not open in the old ramen roll place.


Nice Seinfeld reference!



You may be right. Why not the ramen roll place?