I wish everyone would include prices when reviewing places


I often skip prices if there’s a menu online that has them.


There’s a pretty new restaurant in Reno that doesn’t have prices on their website. They say it’s because they source things so fastidiously (my word) that they can’t know from one day to the next what the prices will be. To which I say bull. That’s when MP or AQ comes in but not the whole menu. I refuse to eat there for that reason.


You mean you don’t care what any prices are? See, we’re retired so the money is going out but no longer coming in so we do care.


That’s such a broad price range that I wouldn’t know where to start.

If you post a narrower price range in the “Wine, beer, and spirits” category, I might have some suggestions.


Oh… I thought that might be the reason I didn’t get a response. Okay. We were discussing… Actually I can’t remember what, but some subject on some thread :upside_down:. I asked what wine people could recommend for under $100. It can be way under or even a little over. I like Primitivo/Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, love Rose (sparkling or non), Champagne (of course) or Sparkling. I don’t like Chardonnay, but may be because I’ve never had a good one. Thanks!


You’re funny cath.


Ah! Flattered. We do definitely try. As aspirational as it is to be part of the FTC Baller Squad, we have to be strategic with our splurges. That’s why we’ve developed The Splurge Strategy, which you too can learn with the purchase of these six DVDs… I kiiiid.

Like you said, it takes a bit of ingenuity (we share a lot, when possible) and prioritization (we try not to eat out during the week and save that dough for something we really want to try). Plus, we’re lucky to live in the great city of Los Angeles where great cheap eats seem to be plentiful, if you know where to look, which is why I love FTC.

But to the original post, I’ll definitely be more conscious of adding price/locations in future posts. Agree that context/tone can often be the best indicators, but depending on the review, I can also see how that extra info could be beneficial.


Now I feel guilty for asking :slight_smile: LOL


Don’t! I’m still new at this, so always interested to hear what people are interested to hear.

But that said, I’m a bad boy, and I do what I want :sunglasses:


[quote=“catholiver, post:28, topic:3968”]
Now I feel guilty for asking :slight_smile: LOL
[/quote]Don’t be. I think he was agreeing with you.


…And he’s funny too.


The one wine that immediately came to mind for “under $100” was Krug NV Champagne, but the price has gone up.


Please don’t tell me that there really aren’t acceptable wines under $100. Why then does a sommelier pick me out plenty of them?


You’re talking about $100 on a restaurant list? That’s roughly $50 retail.


Here’s Babbo’s wine list (I just use his cause I’ve brought him up before):


I find it hard to believe that they’ve put ‘unacceptable’ wines on their list. For normal people.


I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make by posting that Babbo list.

If you want to talk about wine prices or markups, the “Wine, beer, and spirits” category would make more sense.


i don’t think anybody is saying that.


I don’t usually bother to include prices in my reviews when menus with prices are available online.

When someplace seems like a particularly good or bad value, I always mention that.


Also if you have one dish . The price might not reflect prices for other menu items or specials … I use the website for what the menus are rather than cost .


You replied to The Cookie regarding wines under $100/bottle.