I wish everyone would include prices when reviewing places


Sure, and that Babbo list has an amazing number over $100 a bottle, but I’m not sure what the point or question is.


But nothing “acceptable” under $100? My question just ties in with TC’s who was looking for under $100. I’m usually better at explaining things.


I know cath. I didn’t think this would be a difficult one. Maybe what the person said is true, in the “Wine Etiquette” article ipse posted from the WSJ. If I can remember (too lazy to find it) it was a quote from a sommelier, who said that if you’re savvy enough about wines you know how to pick wines that are not necessarily trophy bottles. Maybe our wine connoisseurs on FTC’s know expensive bottles, but aren’t necessarily wine savvy. Or maybe as I think President_Mochi or Robert wrote - wine preference is subjective, so people here are hesitant a to tell someone else what to drink. But they did give me some good links, so that’s great.


Okay great. Now we’re talking. Thanks.


[quote=“Emglow101, post:39, topic:3968”]
Also if you have one dish . The price might not reflect prices for other menu items or specials
[/quote]That is very true, and what makes judging a place pricey overall a tricky prospect. I recently went to a new restaurant and wrote a few items appeared to be overpriced. I wrote “few” as to not blanket the whole place with the “overpriced” label.


who said nothing is “acceptable” under $100?


On a side note, I strongly dislike restaurants that don’t post prices on their website. Especially the ones in the medium range. Guess what? It doesn’t make you special or mysterious. Just annoying when I stop at the ATM.


Oh yeah. There’s a restaurant in our area that doesn’t, saying that what they pay (for the “very best” of course) fluctuates so they can’t give prices on their website. I’ve called them out publicly and I won’t eat there. I can see the occasional “MP” but the whole damn menu? Come on.


I’m in a quandary, because I’m dying to eat here. But they don’t post prices, and that’s usually a deal breaker for me. BUT I’M DYING TO EAT THERE.


I’m sure somebody will post a picture of the menu with prices on yelp eventually.


What do you want to order? I’ll call and ask for you. :slight_smile:


I just checked and not yet. But it’s the principle! (She says even though she’s totally going to eat there anyway.)


Just noticing this thread (thanks to the newly formatted landing page).

I feel vaguely annoyed when some people don’t post prices (even just a very general range) if it’s not “self-evident” (and, yes, I know that what’s self-evident for person A is not necessarily going to be self-evident for person B; but if we become relativistic about everything, then what’s the point of even participating in a forum, yes?). A restaurant’s website can have a menu + prices, but it’s still helpful to have information such as, “The two of us ordered 6 dishes, paid $200 total, and were still starving!” or “Each entree is really expensive here but easily feeds 2 moderately hungry people.”

I also think I don’t get uncomfortable w/ food prices b/c I tend not to be too judgmental of others who blow a lot of $$$ on food b/c I don’t feel like it’s my place to determine what a good value is for THEM (but their info certainly can help me to decide if I might find it a good/bad value for ME). And I work in a profession where I have to have conversations about $ a lot. :frowning: But I can certainly understand why it might make other posters uncomfortable.

I’m spotty w/ posting pricing information just b/c I’m in such a rush to put out a review that sometimes I forget. If a place is “pricey” or a “really good value,” I generally will post that, I think. I also feel like I’m a regular enough poster that the LA folks know I’m not a relative baller. :wink:


Thanks for expressing it just the way if I would have if I could :slight_smile:


Tsurutontan opened today so they may still be deciding what to charge.


I can’t say I know all that much about running a restaurant, but do you really think that’s a decision best left to the last minute? Tsurutontan’s a chain with a dozen locations that’s been around for almost 30 years in Japan. One would think they know how to price by now.


I understand that, say, with fresh fish, you can do, as I mentioned above, (sorry about all the commas!!!) MP but, come on, the whole dang menu?


First branch out of Japan and soft openings are a chance to gauge public reaction to tentative prices.

Eater has a photo of the menu on which you can make out some of the prices. Looks like bowls start at $14?


Thanks - your eyes are better than mine. I’ve been peering at that thing all day and all I see is blur.


Menu already posted on yelp