I'm/We're Gonna Be At... Come Join Me/Us


Based on a suggestion from @nosh in the FTC Meet-Up Thread about posting reservations for smaller groups for smaller gatherings of FTC’ers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for it. I’ll start it off.

We’re gonna be at the Scotchery in Costa Mesa tonight. Probably around 6:30-7:00. We will probably camp out at the bar for drinks and sharable stuff. Feel free to come by.


Damn, right around the corner from work but too late for me.


We sometimes sneak out for an earlier happy hour in the area, so maybe another time.


Sounds good!


Does Vaca have a happy hour?


A few posts on Open Table mention one, but I don’t see any mention of one on their website.


Any FTCers show?


Anyone going to be in SF tomorrow? I’ll be here 11-1p.


I don’t have a corgi yet, but am thinking about attending CorgiCon, and then I will probably find a way to get one.


we will also be there representing. We run the corgi rescue that has been present @ corgi con for the past few events.


No. It was pretty short notice. I will keep trying. I would really like to meet FTC people, and this seems like an easy, low pressure way to do it.


That sounds really fun! Wish I lived in SF… and had a corgi :relaxed:.


You don’t want a corgi. That breed is way too smart, way too inquisitive, way too comical, way too lovable, way too loyal, has way too much person- ality and too too so f’in’ cute. Doesn’t that sound awful? Of course it does - who’d want a family member like that, right? Oh yeah, they shake their little money-makers like the charming little Welsh tarts that they are. Who let them into our country? :smile:


happy 91st, your majesty.


You owe me an f-in’ curtsy damned commoner.


…and their mouths look like big smiles. Yes, they seem horrible!

That was an unexpected and cool revelation from our @Ns1. Good man.


He IS a saint. With a four-legged charmer. Who gets shotgun in the car?


" i bow to no one, be they man or god."

– victor von doom


No cake for sheep - uh, ewe. ¡D’oh! You.