In-N-Out Has A New Menu Item!


A little confused about the personal attacks aimed at @catholiver. I think the burgers from InO are horrible. JMO. I do like their shakes, though.


Because she loves judging everyone else.


The only thing on this thread that I’m reading is that she doesn’t like it when the cheese isn’t centered… Which is something I don’t like, either.

You know I respect your opinion, but, if people are going to con’t to give her grief from past threads or past perceived slights, can they find some other way of communicating that to her that doesn’t involve the rest of us having to read it?

Or, better yet, can they just not do it all? B/c, to me, it seems like bullying and doesn’t seem much related to food.

Again, all JMO.


I honestly don’t care either way, I was just letting you know why. And I really didn’t take boogiebaby’s comment as bullying, just snark. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since I don’t want to contribute more than I already have to thread drift, here’s my final take (for now). It’s not like I have a perfect memory of all of catholiver’s posts, but my recollection is that, even when she was writing comments that others took as judgmental, they were still related fundamentally to food and/or the OP’s original question (or at least adjacent to the original question).

What I see in response, though, are pointed and direct personal attacks. And I don’t really see a difference between personally-directed snark and bullying.

Please don’t think I’m aiming these comments specifically at you, @thechez5. And thank you for having the guts to say what you think in an unambiguous way. It’s just that there’s enough vile behavior in the “real” world that I’m hoping we can all treat each other on FTC a bit better, perhaps?

El fin.


Can we start lobbying In and Out to start serving Onion Rings?
They already have the onions and the deep fryers, what could be so difficult about putting the two together?


Not a problem, kiddo. If someone gets their knickers in a twist because we share food, then perhaps they need to look around at the bigger world.


I tried the hot cocoa with a friend a couple days ago, after a great meal at I-naba. We both thought it was unimpressive, with a fairly weak flavor. The best thing that could be said about it is that it wasn’t too sweet like some hot cocoa is. However I’ve had (and made) better without trying too hard, so unless there’s some indication that my experience was a fluke, I’ll be avoiding it.

I did console myself with a double meat/no onions w/fries the day after, which was predictably good.


My experience was the exact same. I was surprised how mediocre it tasted.


BTW, we’re in our 70s and tend to eat far less than we did.


Is that surprising, though? I assume they get it from a packet mix (the mini marshmallows were the give-away to me).


Raining here in L.A. today. Did anyone bring a child to try out In-N-Out’s “free hot cocoa for kids on rainy days” policy?


It’s basically Swiss Miss on tap.

Don’t expect anything more, or less.


Why? So we can have another place with mediocre flaccid onion rings.


It would be hard to top the panko crusted onion rings at JiB


I think my favorite fast food onion rings might be from Burger King.


There’s a new cup and not one mention of which bible verse is on the underside?

Mr Taster


Well then, you can be the first to post an undercarriage shot!