In search of: American-style sushi rolls


Or Roku. It’s kind of flashy, and they have a patio. It’s a beautiful day in L.A., enjoy the sunshine. :slight_smile:


Somewhere in between. Where did you end up going when you were looking for crazy type rolls and such?


Yep, Roku would definitely hit the spot. They’ll love it.


There’s also a Katsuya about a block away from Gari. If you want to travel to Studio City, you’re already familiar with Iroha.


Nothing near hollywood. you’re probably better off going to roku if you’re looking for rolls. gari has flashy nigiri but no crazy rolls.


Yep, it’s Roku today. But I remember your Gari report and wanna’ check that out soon for myself

Thanks for helping me out once again folks!


Actually going to Gari will serve a vital function in your continued pursuit of sushi education. The visit might teach two lessons: (1) Discernment of the obvious (and subtle) contrasts between more traditional sushi and modern/inventive sushi, and (2) Recognition of the importance of pairings & combinations of flavors (and textures!), as it relates to rice, neta, sauce, and any toppings. You might discover that you love some combinations, and dislike others.


I like everything at Gari but the price. Mon Dieu!


Wow, you read my mind, but communicated it better :slight_smile:. I’ve been wanting to take my new found knowledge for a spin at a less traditional place. Gari seems like the place.

BTW Y’all… L.A. visiting Ohioans were big fun! Game for anything.


So glad of this tread! I went to Bar Hayama the other night and every single roll was bland! The sushi was fine enough, as were some of the appetizers like shishito peppers. I wasn’t sure if it was an off night or that was normal, but every roll was on the verge of flavorlessness. Then I had lunch with a friend at Yabu, and the dishes like fried chicken and root vegetables were delicious, but the rolls looked like a second grader made them. And kinda tasted that way. I do have my fave sushi place, Echigo, but they don’t do rolls. Will try some of the places listed here!

watery yellowtail at Bar Hayama with no kick whatsover

Flavorless roll at Bar Hayama

luckily the fried scallops were good

the squid was on the chewy side :unamused:

great fried chicken at Yabu

melt in your mouth eggplant

roll came out falling apart and tasted mostly of mayo

The rolls I pick up regularly at Marukai market are much better than what I had at either Yabu or Bar Hayama.


Try Wabi Venice


Boss Sushi on LA Cienega was one of the early progenitors of extravagant American-style Sushi Rolls in LA.


Thanks to this thread I went to Hamasakula on Santa Monica Blvd in west LA. I went with my vegetarian sister, and as happens all too often, the vegetarian options were the best. There are only two vegetarian roles and they are both outstanding.

Veggie temptura roll

tofu roll with spicy topping

The rolls I ordered where not as good as hers.

fried shrimp roll - much less flavor than her veggie tempura roll

this was a toro roll that was topped with so much mayo/cream sauce that that was the prominent flavor as opposed to the toro

the shishito peppers suffered the same mayo fate - and oddly, some of the shishito were a tad undercooked.

I will go back and hopefully find other, better rolls to accompany the veggie ones.



That’s good to know. A lot of vegetarians complain that even the veggie offerings at sushi bars taste like fish. Those do look good.

I’ve read others complain that they really like Hamasaku, except for the saucing. In reading the Sushi School thread I remembered I went there years ago. I’d like to go again. Is it ok to ask them to go lite on the sauce I wonder?

Thanks for reporting!


I, too, would be interested to know if the rolls can be ordered with less/no sauce, and also what rolls other folks recommend.


I really wanted to like Kazunori, but there is mayonnaise in every. single. one.


Jase -

“Yah, you’re just eating soy/wasabi flavored rice.”

Exactly! My husband loves sushi and use very little soy/wasabi.

Me? Just doesn’t float my boat but to keep him company I get a california roll. And when my mom asked me “How can you eat sushi?” I told her “Mom, I don’t eat sushi. I eat a formed rice salad, that I dip in the dressing.”

So your horror is my joy :rofl:


It may also be the flavor of the nori/seaweed. I don’t eat fish, so I get shellfish sushi items. Once in a while I get some nori on a roll or seaweed in a salad that tastes overly fishy to me.


Ahhh… you’re right. I thought it might be the utensils: knives, cutting boards, etc.


LOL! Nothing wrong with knowing what you like. You’re also not wasting money on expensive fish. You’re eating soy and wasabi rice.

People can do what they want with their money, I just get puzzled by spending a lot on high quality and killing the very thing that drove up the value. It’s like someone going to a high end steakhouse and wanting their aged steak burned to a crisp. Why not just get a cheap grade meat at that point?