In search of: American-style sushi rolls


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Came here looking for some rolls but made the mistake of ordering some nigiri first. The rice was just bad, under-seasoned, dense and gummy. The fish to rice ratio was incontinent and the neta wasn’t very good either. And as I watched the sushi chef making my sushi I could see why, she was forming the rice as if she was trying to squeeze water out of a sponge and all the fish was already precut and sitting in the sushi case.

On the plus side they either don’t have AC or it broke so you get to enjoy a free sauna while you dine in 85 degree heat.

ankimo - monk fish liver

Akami - lean bluefin tuna with pickled jalapeno

ocean trout - Tasmanian ocean trout with kelp and soy sauce

Santa Barbara uni

kanpachi - amberjack with Yuzu ponzu

hotate - Hokkaido scallop with lemon powder and soy sauce

ama-ebi - sweet shrimp

caterpillar roll - eel, crab salad, avocado, sesame seeds, eel sauce

Johnny Scallops - scallop, smelt eggs, mayo, avocado, sesame seeds, chili oil


Are those fried shrimp heads sitting in a pool of ponzu?



Who knows I lost interest, it was not good whatever it was.


I must be learning, because I can see exactly what you’re talking (writing) about. Question: was the grade of rice bad too or just the way it was prepared and handled?


The grade of rice was most likely fine, just poor execution and technique.


It’s a bit tough to tell from the photos, but that shari looked really wet for nigiri.


Went back to Hamasuka in west LA for lunch this week to see if I could find rolls besides the two excellent vegetarians rolls I had with my sister. This time went with my meat eating husband.

We started with the toro appetizer. It was good, much better than the toro roll I had last time that had so much sauce you couldn’t taste the toro. This had apple, given the dish a slightly sweet flavor. Though good, not good enough to order again at 40$. I expect something more standout at that price.

Not having enjoyed the mayo on the shishito peppers, I avoided those and got the tempura as another appetizer. This was very good!

Also got the monkfish karage, which was also very good!!

I asked the waiter for a roll that was spicy. He recommend the spicy tuna topped with jalapeno. It was delicious and not overly sauced.

Tried the veggie tempura roll again - still delicious!

Happy this place is close by, though I would not drive across town for it.


Is Sushi of Gari counter only? My friend’s 19 yr-old daughter is coming from college for a birthday weekend. He’s asking for a sushi-ya in or near W. Hollywood. I think he wants something semi-authentic, but still fun for her. My other thought is Roku on Sunset, which probably doesn’t come close to authentic, but hey, she’s 19 and fun is the priority. It would be great to have a little of both. Have any other places opened up since this thread was started?


Okay, scratch Gari… it’s closed! Good God, these things happen fast!


Koi, the birthplace of the spicy tuna on crispy rice.


Izakaya by katsu-ya

not strictly sushi but has the fun good vibe atmosphere you’re looking for and has a lot of sushi offerings plus other small plates.


True and I like their happy hour.


I reminded him about Izakaya by Katsu-ya. He said “Too late, already locked in on Roku, as she is excited about going.” Yep, she’s their target audience.

Btw, Koi is one of her favorites @J_L. :wink:


And nothing wrong pairing sake with American sushi rolls, provided it’s done right and the flavors are balanced, not ruined by excessive goopy sauce. You’d be amazed how nicely a Junmai Ginjo or Junmai sake can go with seared spicy mayo, deep fried stuff, or grilled seared items inside with a lot of flavor…heck ask for cream cheese in that tempura roll with avocado and taste sake with it…just think of them as mixed otsumami burritos or American izakaya fare when you do this combo… :sweat_smile:. You might be better off bringing your own though (just pick anything from K&L $40 or under, check tasting notes online to your liking, and have a blast with it)


Remember this? I posted it from Katsu-ya’s happy hour and asked you not to laugh. You said it was actually a great intro sake flight. :blush:


Or as my friend laments (as he drives the kids to soccer practice): “How baby #3 was made…”








Funny… on this thing we’re actually opposite. I’m usually the one with the dirty little sushi secrets. :sweat_smile: But I’ve not set foot in Koi. I heard it was fly, fun, tasty and definitely the It place when they opened. But even with my limited knowledge I suspected it was just trendy and they must be overcharging for their offerings. Now I’m thinking - the fact that you two are admitting to appreciating it and they’re still open - maybe there’s a little more to the place. :thinking: