In Search of Chinese Beef Noodle Soup - Bull Demon King, Dai Ho, Popcorn Chicken and Corner Beef Noodle House!


Thanks for the recs will try and report back



Once a year Mian delivers some chao shou, nothing else, nothing more. IIRC, the orig write-up was very ambiguous, more of an announcement, much like “fake news”.

I also don’t f**k with Best Noodle House, especially after the Chongqing visit. Geezus that place is hogwash.

Of note, Chengdu Taste opened in Houston last month, and is doing banging biz.

My fave zhajiang, if I’m forced to eat it, is the fusiony China style at Xian Tasty, just because they do fun things with the noodles. But whatevers, I mean literally who cares, when #45 is about to stop German car importation in the US?


Welcome back.

Just hoarding BMW & Porsche keys, in case sudden appreciation happens… Opportunity knocks.


It had to be. It couldn’t be too “review-y.” Had to leave room for the critic to visit (another look at how the sausage is made).

I’m impressed with Xi’An Tasty too. Solid place.


The beef noodle soup at Mimi 5 Bobee in Diamond Bar is good. Best with handmade noodles, though it takes them a while.


Take it to jalopnik!


Sorry to kind of horn in on this awesome discussion.

I actually had the opportunity to drop in and try out the bowl of beef soup at Popcorn Chicken on Sawtelle the other day, really great, addictive broth, so many noodles I couldn’t finish all of them, so really good size as well.

My bowl even contained pieces of what seemed to be tendon, though there wasn’t a ton of it.

Tendon/beef shot:

I was wondering, though, does liang mian exist anywhere in Los Angeles? The cold Taiwanese street noodles with like peanut/sesame, but sometimes also some type of red sauce?

Or is that the same thing as zha jiang mian?


Any Sichuan place or Taiwanese-Sichuan place should have it.

Cold Sesame Noodles are pretty easy to make. It is a pain in the butt to slice up the veggies though.



Huh? Dan Dan Mian? Or do you mean spaghetti?


You can get dan dan mian at northern cafe. It has outposts in westwood and weho.

I just tried Popcorn Chicken’s beef noodle soup and while I thought it was ok but I did not have a transcendent experience that many FTCer’s had :disappointed_relieved:. I didn’t feel like the broth had a great depth of flavor I mostly tasted soy sauce and chinese herbal medicine. I got all beef shank and no tendon, some pieces were very soft while others were a bit chewy (definitely a generous portion) and crappy wilted spinach as the vegetable accompaniment. Noodles were pretty solid, nice chew but nothing to write home about. Didn’t give me any suan cai on the side to put in my soup and their chili oil was subpar. I would definitely recommend :open_mouth: ROC’s oxtail noodle soup (only had it at the weho location) over popcorn chicken’s.

On the plus side I did do a bang bang with Popcorn chicken beef noodle soup and the Karage chicken from Anzu Gourmet which is delicious.


Sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t good. I do think that the broth has some consistency issues (although I’ve generally enjoyed the food there). :frowning:


Went to popcorn chicken tonight. Broth and noodles for the beef noodle soup were good. The beef itself was just gnarly.