In Search of Golden, Crispy, Delectable Fried Chicken - Farmshop, Pann's, Jim Dandy's, Terrine, The Brentwood, Flores & Sons, Honeybird, Howlin' Ray's and more!


I am sorry to hear you had bad experience with the Farmshop fried chicken. From time-to-time Farmshop experiments with different crusts, though it usually mentions it on the menu if so. From your photos, the crust looks different than the regular Farmshop crust, more like the corn masa crust I had the misfortune to try there some weeks back (which was indeed, too hard and thick). The regular fried chicken (which is based on the Ad Hoc recipe, like the fried chicken at Bouchon) is usually really good, though, and, if you get it to go, you can buy the chicken ($16) and sides ($8 each) separately if you do not want the complete dinner. The sides, which change every Sunday, are usually excellent.

Jar has also been doing a really good Sunday night fried chicken and I recently got an e-mail from Mud Hen that it has started doing one on Mondays, which is the same day Bouchon does its take on the Ad Hoc recipe. Superb Food & Bread used to have a good Sunday fried chicken as well but the last few times I tried it there, it has been less well-prepared (batter, spicing and cooking)–of course, Superba has suffered a lot of kitchen changeover but still disappointing.


Haha okay thanks for that information


Hi @NewTrial,

Thanks for the info! When we asked the server (because I was a bit confused at how bad it was), they confirmed that the Fried Chicken we had that night was their “classic recipe”, but perhaps they meant only the seasoning?

And taking the Fried Chicken To-Go might be cheaper, but I don’t want it to steam in the To-Go box. Better to eat it fresh right there.

After spending a lot of money on gourmet Fried Chicken (Farmshop, Brentwood) for this journey, I’m not sure I want to risk it trying another until we get multiple FTCers reports on a place. :wink: Let me know if you end up trying the new offerings. Thanks.


Thanks @matthewkang. :slight_smile: Did you get a chance to try Howlin’ Ray’s yet?


Too late! They use tachyons to send the info back in time.


I think Howlin Rays cooks the most perfect juicy breasts.


Yup! Four times. Twice off the truck, another time the day before the brick & mortar opened, and another at Johnny’s house before he even launched the brand.


Whaaat?! You’ve been holding out on us Kang…


Yeah it was really cool to taste it back then. I’d never had Nashville style hot chicken before.


Howlin Rays when it was a food truck parked by the Vista Theater


solid. I actually haven’t had the sandwich yet (cray) so I will this weekend when I head over to HR.


Ahhhh those were the days, when it was still a food truck outside of Rudy’s barbershop and you could do a ricky’s fish taco and howlin ray’s bang bang.


Good reporting!

Very cool including classic joints. Seems like you had some disappointments. Definitely a “take one for the team” situation. Even some of the best chefs can’t get fried chix right. Simple is sometimes better. Glad you were able to finish off with the best at Howlin’ Ray’s.



Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks! :slight_smile: have you got a chance to go yet? I forgot.


Nooo! Can you believe it? We wanted to go during the week. But they close so early. Are the weekend lines really that bad?


Hi @TheCookie,

You must go! :slight_smile: Really worth it.

For weekends, if you’re willing to show up before they open (like get in line by 10:30 a.m.) it won’t be too bad.

If you bring 1-2 people, you can even take turns and stroll around Far East Plaza, pick up a coffee from that specialty coffee shop, etc.

But if you don’t like lines at all, then it might sour your perception of the food. (But it is pretty amazing. ;))


I just love your perseverance. Correct, don’t like lines. But that’s a good idea, strolling / taking turns. Thanks!


I visited Tokyo Fried Chicken in Monterey Park last weekend.

I expected to find another variant of “Asian Fried Chicken” - heavily spiced/sauced, double fried, etc. But the chicken here turned out to be the best of all possible worlds: Marinated like karaage (ginger, soy and mirin) with a light tempura-style breading and skillfully fried to order.

The sides are southern-inspired, asian-inflected. Some very tasty (dashi-braised collard greens), others miss the mark (nori mac & cheese). The restaurant has the feel of a modest izakaya and a great beer selection.

This is now my favorite fried chicken in town – hands down. The lines are a bit of a bummer. Arrive before they open to hit the first seating.


Hi @TriTip,

Thanks for the report. I’ve been to Tokyo Fried Chicken a few times before, but came away unimpressed. :frowning:

It was pretty greasy and just not that crave-worthy when we had it.

But it’s been about a year since we last went. Maybe they improved.

This was that former Chinese-owned Izakaya that closed down and rebranded themselves as the current “Tokyo Fried Chicken” IIRC?


Don’t know about the Chinese-owned part. A little digging shows this was the former Izakaya known as “The Open Door” and the chef was/still is Kouji Yamanashi.

I was surprised by the level of finesse. Maybe I just got lucky.

For a little more info here’s a KevinEats review from 2014. The menu doesn’t look like it’s changed much.