In Search of Golden, Crispy, Delectable Fried Chicken - Farmshop, Pann's, Jim Dandy's, Terrine, The Brentwood, Flores & Sons, Honeybird, Howlin' Ray's and more!


@TheCookie Pioneer’s heyday was at least more than 25 years ago. My parents used to frequent the location close to Long Beach Poly when I was just a kid. Never had KFC or any other kind of chicken until we moved away and Pioneer wasn’t as convenient anymore. I had it about a year ago, and found that the crust and skin was super crispy, but the meat itself was a bit underseasoned…remedied that by dipping the chicken with the side of gravy that came along with the mashed potatoes…then all right in the world, again.


I presume you were referring to Popeye’s Tuesday chicken special but, for me, hearing a reference to Tuesdays in connection with the name Popeye brings back memories of Wimpy, who would “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”


This is true. Not great but you could do far worse.

Also, free crab legs!


Great link. I love Publix insisting that none of their employees would do such a thing. :baseball::crab::crab::crab: :baseball:
:fist_right: :fist_left:


Hi @attran99 -

“More than 25 years ago” seems about right. My husband agrees it is so nothing now, but says back-in-the-day Pioneer was the bomb. He even has nostalgic stories. :grin: One time (the 70’s) he, his dad and his brothers ate some “bomb ass chicken” from an Elgin Baylor owned Pioneer Chicken while watching Elgin Baylor’s Minneapolis / Los Angeles Lakers win a major victory against the Philadelphia 76ers. I find this hard to believe - not the delightful basketball chicken story, :roll_eyes: but the “bomb ass” part. I had it once and that was enough. It was boring and flavorless, no other words to describe. There was not one interesting note about it. On the other hand, Golden Bird’s fried chicken (also seen better days) left that unpleasant oil slick in your mouth, but also had that unique ‘How the heck did they make this?’ crust, which made me return again and again.

Happy Fried Chicken Eating!


Funny you should mention that. I just bought some rainbow sherbet last weekend from Rite-Aid after not having had it for, uh, like 30 yrs? It was my fav flavor growing up. Still just what I remember (alhtough I could’ve used less lime in the example I bought). :slight_smile:


For those of you with Restaurant Depot access, they sell the Thrifty ice cream drums. It’s $15-17, depending on the flavor. I buy them for work a few times a year when I decide we should have Ice Cream Friday. :slight_smile: :ice_cream:


As a former Floridian, I do as well.

Also, their cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.


Not to totally sidetrack this into a Publix lovefest, but when I was in Orlando, a Publix there had Spanish jamón ibérico.


I was always pretty lucky with Albertson’s and having it fried right. Von’s is definitely the saltiest of the three for me. Von’s been running a $5 for 8 pieces and haven’t been tempted too much, but if it was Albertson’s or Ralph’s, quick and easy dinner during hot days.

At their peak, Pioneer’s was definitely better than KFC and I loved KFC growing up. Speaking of peak and inconsistency, there was a Church’s fried chicken in Santa Ana in the 90’s that was so good! We’d make runs at all hours and it was always good. But sadly I think Church’s overall isn’t the same. I should give them a try for comparison’s sake. There’s one on La Brea, north of Centinela, not too far from Pann’s and Serving Spoon.

I have a lot of nostalgia for Thrifty’s. One of my first jobs was scooping ice cream there. The one on Atlantic and Garvey was my main store, but I worked all over as a clerk. The store manager always made it a point to tell people that Farrell’s used Thrifty’s ice cream. A big threat was saving my pennies and buying myself a pint, I’d store in the freezer and no one in the family was allowed to touch it.

Also remember being the low man on the totem pole and having to unload the delivery. Nothing like running in and out of high SGV summer heat into a deep freezer stacking those containers. Some things I don’t miss.


Get the f-u-c-k o-u-t.

That store was my after school hang …


Dude…I only worked there for a couple of years, but maybe we crossed paths. My after school hangout were more Andy’s pool hall across from where Elite is now and the Bowling Alley across the street from Thrifty’s. I dropped a lot of quarters in that bowling alley arcade.

Then for a late night snack, we’d hit the taco place next to the Bowling Alley. The bean and cheese burrito and chili cheese fries were my standard. Eat some food and go back to playing games at the arcade while eyeing the girls in the bowling league.


Dude, Andy’s was my regular pool hall in 1990 until the year they closed!


[quote=“Jase, post:170, topic:4255”]
But sadly I think Church’s overall isn’t the same.
[/quote]Oh my. Maybe I’m talking about Church’s not Pioneer. Can someone possibly explain the difference in coatings? :flushed: But to save face, I’m pretty sure I didn’t like either.

Shhh… I like to treat myself to a piece of Ralphs fried chicken as a reward for doing the shopping. Does that me make me a self-indulgent sybarite?


This is turning into a trip down memory lane for you guys… fun!


Speaking of Atlantic Blvd in “Montree” Park…

Yi Mei, Di Ho Market, Maw Chang Optical, that little Buddhist-Taoist temple across, that bookstore in the same plaza where I sneaked a peak at girly mags (lol). Further up Atlantic the movie theater (RIP)

We probably cross paths as kids


They screwed up my prescription and then tried to blame me for it…

I’m wracking my brain trying to remember the Thrifty’s in the area. Was in the strip mall across the street from where Ocean Star is now?


Yeah. I’m like Churches… Churches is so gross. Always was. Pioneer had the EPIC Crispy chicken. IT was a mix of KFC and Golden Bird. Growing up they used to have this spicy version that was our staple. For some reason I thought they had gone out of business… but I see now there are still a few around.



Okay! I think you’re right. It was Church’s that was really blah. A mix of KFC and Golden Bird actually sounds really good in a bad sorta’ way.


Pioneer chicken also had a distinct orange color.