In search of LA's best pumpkin pie


Have you had the frozen Sara Lee?

I was like you until I was fed one, then again the person reheating may skew final results.


@VeniceRunner, next time you do this search, contact Sweet Oak Bakery.


Maybe for your 2018 pumpkin pie quest, @VeniceRunner?


@ElsieDee you made my day! Was just thinking it was time to post, as Costco have already put out pumpkin pies (too early?).

I’ve been remiss in sharing the results of our 2017-18 Pumpkin Pie Quest. My son is going to join the conversation and post the results (hint: last year the pie from Bouchon Beverly Hills (RIP) blew our socks off).

He is thinking of starting an Instagram account to share all our past favorites, as we continue to search for new pumpkin pies or ones that have eluded us in the past (pre-order deadlines, Thanksgiving only, etc.).


Our new Instagram account Pumpkin Pie Quest documents past conquests as we search for the new and delicious pie.

This year’s hit list includes:
The Pie Bar in Long Beach - check!
Know Reality - so many varieties of pumpkin pie we can’t keep count
I Like Pie in Claremont
Dominique Ansel
Lodge Bread (after denying they would, they made a pie last year that quickly sold out before we could get there)
Sweet Rose Creamery (does pumpkin ice cream pie count?)
Larder at Tavern
27th Street Bakery
Proof Bakery (last year they made a pumpkin cheesecake, so we left with an apple pie)
Rye Goods
Milk Bar
Sycamore Kitchen

Looking for more suggestions!


Atticus recently went through a owner and baker change, loved their pie recently (Although I haven’t tried their pumpkin yet!)


Oh good to know. Thank you @Dommy In our quest to try ALL the pies in the season we don’t usually repeat, unless the pie changes. Huckleberry’s pumpkin pie looks a bit different from last year’s. So we will try to stop by Atticus and try the new version.

Missing from our master 2018-19 hit list is the highly anticipated Tartine Manufactory at the Row in DTLA. As soon as anyone has the scoop on opening day and their pie, please do tell!


Pumpkin ice cream definitely counts. I don’t like pumpkin pie, but I really like the pumpkin gelato pie at Pizzeria Mozza.


If you’re in the OC the Filling Station in Orange makes a nice pumpkin pie. I would try to get one not during Thanksgiving when they are made in bulk. I think the quality suffers a bit as they are cranking out pies for pick up.


Definitely agree. @Funtimes recommended Filling Station. We finally made in there in March of this year, we were equally flabbergasted and delighted that they were still serving pumpkin pie (in March!).


If Susie Cakes is really a top 10 you may well have made our South OC Thanksgiving this year. Any other contenders down this way?


Hi @Midlife we need to post updates+photos to our list, as we’ve had quite a few more pies, since we posted that list.

We are still eating our way through the OC. We’ve only tasted Filling Station so far which we liked very much.

Pie Hole is close to them, their pumpkin is just ok.

Top of our list for OC to try is Rye Goods Their instagram teased a delicious looking pumpkin pie that will be sold from a pop-up coming soon in your area (Newport Beach-ish).

Also on our hit list: Morika’s Southern Delights is in Laguna Hills but delivers throughout OC. I’ve seen mini pumpkin pies on her IG. I just sent her a note to ask about full size.

Toast Kitchen & Bakery in Costa Mesa is supposed to be good. Just sent them a note to inquiry about their pumpkin pie.

In Long Beach there is the excellent Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil and Pie Bar.

Hope this helps. We will report any OC updates on our pie adventures.


Thanks for the recommendation to Rye Goods. Their pies and breads look very good. Will seek them out.

A little off topic but Pie Hole’s salted caramel pecan pie is delicious.


Major eye roll emoji and shrug for the fact that two of the best OC recs are catering companies with no full-time retail space.


I had this last year and it was terrible. In fact, all their pies are terrible. Hope you have better luck.


thank you for the heads up @A5KOBE So many great pies in the area, we will be moving this one to the bottom of the must try list.


@Midlife we highly recommend Urth Caffé’s pumpkin pie. The graham cracker crust is to die for. They have a location in Laguna Beach.

And Pie Crawl on Instagram turned us on to Haute Cakes Caffe’s pumpkin pie in Newport Beach. We haven’t tried it ourselves yet and Pie Crawl doesn’t profess to love pumpkin pie but they gave it very high marks.

Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. Please share any delicious pumpkin pie discoveries you find in the OC.


Friends and Family


love them. was one of our favorites from last year’s tasting.


In pie news, we are very excited that Nicole Rucker’s long awaited Fiona Bakery opens this coming Monday. The photos look beautiful. Just in time for peak pie season! We keep refreshing their website in hopes the menu will be posted.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for Tartine’s Manufactory at the Row DTLA. Any day right?