In search of LA's best pumpkin pie


Have you had the frozen Sara Lee?

I was like you until I was fed one, then again the person reheating may skew final results.


@VeniceRunner, next time you do this search, contact Sweet Oak Bakery.


Maybe for your 2018 pumpkin pie quest, @VeniceRunner?


@ElsieDee you made my day! Was just thinking it was time to post, as Costco have already put out pumpkin pies (too early?).

I’ve been remiss in sharing the results of our 2017-18 Pumpkin Pie Quest. My son is going to join the conversation and post the results (hint: last year the pie from Bouchon Beverly Hills (RIP) blew our socks off).

He is thinking of starting an Instagram account to share all our past favorites, as we continue to search for new pumpkin pies or ones that have eluded us in the past (pre-order deadlines, Thanksgiving only, etc.).