Instant Pot - Questions, Techiniques & Results


I never follow recipes. I just use them as a guideline, barely. This is what I love about cooking.The spice of life. The instapot seems like a great tool.


The Instant Pot doesn’t eliminate any manual labor except dealing with the regulator.


I like that aspect of cooking also. But being able to make a beef stew for a gaggle of teenagers in roughly the same amount of time it takes to order and have delivered a pizza? I dearly appreciate that option.

I made beef and barley soup last night using short ribs. Including prep and plating, it took less than an hour. (I released pressure halfway through cooking to add vegetables.)


So is this IT?


Scroll down for a comparison of the various models. I’m not sure how to find out which ones don’t go to “keep warm” automatically with no adjustment available. I got the DUO50 and it does not let me disable it.


I posted a question on Amazon asking about this. Thanks for bringing this up.


Old ways are often the best ways. Or at least they are the most fun.

That said, I thought of you as I was adding a spice mixture I had toasted and then ground by hand with my mortar and pestle into some hot oil at the bottom of my Instant Pot.

Old ways + new ways = delicious + fast

Sometimes, at least.


I’m tickled to death that you thought of me. Period.


What’s wrong with the warming feature that you don’t like? I was thinking about buying one.


Nothing wrong with the keep-warm feature if I could turn it off, but typically I want it to cook and cool down. If you get the right model, you can set it to do that.


Here is Kenji’s answer,


Thank you SO much, e! When I was cooking for my elderly dog, I cooked a chicken in the pressure cooker and the resulting stock was head and shoulders over slow oven or slow cooker. The packets I would freeze I labeled as “A+” :slight_smile: I never did much more with the PC - like a real ‘dish’ - cause I never felt like I could control it. Not that it was going to explode. So the IP sounds quite good in that respect. robert’s thought about not being able to deactivate the warming feature doesn’t ‘feel’ like a big deal to me. I’m usually around so I could just unplug it. We’re going away for almost a month so I can ponder this :slight_smile:


I think this recipe would actually be more work with the pressure cooker than with a water bath in the oven. I suppose the pressure would give a different texture.


Last night I lightly sautéed some shrimp, removed and refrigerated them, then made a basic saffron risotto with seafood stock, sherry and lemon zest. I ate a bowl of risotto, then promptly fell asleep. That 10-hour warming period came in handy.


I really need to try my hand at making stock in the IP. Seafood risotto sounds divine.


I’ve just ordered mine and the Melissa Clark book. First order of business is figuring out how to cook rice well.


I’m not sure if it’s good for rice.


The Instant Pot is better than our old rice cooker for making white rice. Our old rice cooker was way past its prime though. The problem with both is pretty similar. The top and middle of the rice comes out ok - good level of moisture and the right texture. The bottom creates a hard crust that is not enjoyable when making white rice. In the Instant Pot the rice sticks to the bottom of the pot and is very difficult to remove.

Given the choices and the price difference we would choose the Instant Pot over a new fancy rice cooker.


We’re traveling and a couple we were talking with have said it’s not available ‘anywhere.’ Any info? TIA