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Thanks. I’ll check these. I checked Amazon and they say it’s not available and they don’t know when or if it will be. But that’s standard language.


Presumably they sold out due to people giving them as Christmas presents. Sur la Table has some in stock in some stores, probably some of the other chains do as well.


I’ve got 6 prime rib bones that I’ve frozen from Christmas dinner. How many should I drop in the IP and for how long with aromatics for stock? I’ve never made stock in the IP before.
I’ve also heard that some folks reuse their bones for multiple stocks…I didn’t know that was possible.


I’d add water to cover plus a little and cook for 90 minutes on the Meat/Stew setting. You can always water it down later.

Making multiple batches, seriously, you’re not going to get much the second time around. Do those people use one tea bag all week?


Thanks, @robert! I’d read it multiple times, so that’s why I brought the issue up here. I’m more prone to trust the FTC folks more than some random stuff I read from other sources.


Who knew making rice well was so difficult …


Well, Harold McGee says, in the 2004 update of On Food and Cooking:

Because a standard kitchen extraction of eight hours releases only about 20% of the gelatin in beef bones, the bones may be extracted for a second time, for a total of up to 24 hours. The resulting liquid can then be used to start the next fresh extraction of meat and bones.

That sounds like something that would make sense in a restaurant kitchen that was making broth all the time, but maybe not at home. Worth a try, I suppose, if you have the refrigerator / freezer space.


yup used to be called remoulage and used in place of water to start your next stock not usually by itself


When I was using a stove top method for stock, I would use half of the previous batch of stock in the pot for the next batch.

I don’t usually worry about that now that I’m using a pressure cooker for stock. My stock is incredibly gelatinous from the first go around.

I’ve never bothered with remoulage for exactly the reasons Robert alludes to.



So does this mean you’re getting one?




It’s popular among cranks. Still a useful tool for others.


What’s a “crank”?


In this context, people who follow fad diets based on crank theories about nutrition. The web pages I found promoting making multiple batches of broth from the same bones were all by people into “paleo” or Weston Price or the like.


Any time I get great bones, I make a second stock.


May I come over and ask, “You gonna eat that, bruh?”


Ah, you were referring specifically to the broths not the pots themselves. Gotcha.

I make stock from uncooked meat and bones.


what exactly makes a bone “Great”.


Simmer very low from 24 to 36 hours