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Agreed, if I’m lucky I can get 5 short ribs to brown at the same time. Also best to let the pot completely heat up before starting to sauté. My Ultra model shows pre-heating, cooking, and warming stages.


I haven’t been able to find any real Korean malt syrup. The ingredients always say corn syrup.


My understanding is that’s how the ingredient has evolved, even in Korea. Similar to mirin in Japan in that it’s rare for people to use real mirin.

I would suggest diluting the very thick maltose found in Chinese grocery stores if you want to avoid corn syrup.


I’ll see if I can find the recipe.
Take all this with a grain of salt because my mom wrote her recipe down for me once in Konglish. Her measurements of ingredients came in spoons, scoops, a little, some and not too much. I did not use her recipe but have the ingredients list.


I have half a dozen Korean cookbooks, some of which call for malt syrup.


Weekend pot roast experiment…

Probably the best pot roast to ever come out of my kitchen…total pressure cook time: 75 minutes.
I need to try the rice cooker option.
Just picked up some steamer baskets so I can see how that function works, too.


You don’t just cook the rice in the IP pot like you would with a rice cooker? I haven’t tried the rice feature yet, or looked at the instructions, but I assumed it worked like a rice cooker would.


Yes it’s basically the same thing. Rinse rice. Add water. Press the rice feature. The rice in the IP has been coming out much better than our very old fancy electric Japanese rice cooker.


@boogiebaby @js76wisco is right. I wrote that last bit poorly. I’ve tried neither functions, and they are independent of each other.


Ah ok, now I see what you mean to say.

You need to try the rice cooker option. You also want to see how the steam function works.

In either case, please let us know how your efforts turn out!


yes but if you have a fancy electric rice cooker you can do your IP thing while the rice cooks too…


Literally happened to us the other night when making galbi jjim. We had to cook the rice first, clean the IP then make the galbi jjim. It was fine reheating the rice in the microwave but having both hot/fresh at the same time would be ideal.

On the other hand we saved $300-$400 not buying the Zojirushi rice cooker we were looking at.


I’d make the galbi jjim first and then make the rice in the same pot without cleaning it.


You used to be able to get a new high end Zojirushi rice cooker on eBay for $150-$250.


Gangster. Have you actually done this?


I’ve braised meat and then cooked beans, rice, or other grains to serve with it without washing the pot. Meat’s also the most work to clean up after.


An alternative is to pick up another extra pot inserts. Amazon occasionally puts them on sale…I picked up another one the other week when it was on sale for $22…usually $29. Grabbed a couple of lids, too…for those days, where inevitably, I will be too lazy to clean both pot inserts.



If you are still in market and live in the OC. This seems like a pretty good deal.


That’s the half-size model.