Ippudo opening update?


I’ve heard/seen nothing since the original news came out regarding the opening last November, and I don’t make it into Santa Monica on any regular basis to check the property for signs regarding an opening. Just wondering if someone knows of anything.


There seems to be no progress on the interior the few times I’ve walked by it (incl a few nights ago, but I couldn’t really see inside).


My bro-in-law is in town from Singapore - which has an Ippudo. He had heard a while back that our town was getting one - soon - and asked how it was.

I actually completely forgot about Ippudo opening shop here - it had fallen off my radar.

“I don’t know - the restaurant’s ability to open is almost all based on the local government’s agencies involved in approving different aspects of the building process.”

He was shocked that the process would take so long and how local govt is more of an impediment in the process.


Outlet in NYC surprisingly good, even post kitchen swithceroo


Appreciate the update. This is taking quite awhile. Ippudo was one of my mainstays in the Japanese city I lived in, and (unlike Men Oh) I’m hoping for a reasonable facsimile of it.


Walked by again yesterday. Application for liquor license on the window, dated 10/02. Interior has drywall, but it doens’t look like “finished” drywall (but, again, this was at night).