Ipse - You never cease to amaze


@Ipsedixit. I was over on the board that shall not be named and found this topic you started in 2014 I’d somehow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: missed. I posted only to ask how in the world the new poster happened upon the topic. Have to say the breadth of your interests is never ending.


You know what really struck me about that thread?


May he rest in eternal peace. And eat well while he’s at it.

Cheers my friend, V.


How did you find this? It’s hilarious. But, yougurt pretzels? Really @ipsedixit? :joy::joy::joy:


Veggie sure had a good time with that one!


I knew Veggo off-site and he was definitely clever.


“Ipse - You never cease to amaze”…where is he?


I don’t know how to find it but, if I’m reading right, ipsedixit posted just a day ago.


Oh, okay, the world is right again.