Is Noma Mexico worth the $600 price tag? (not to mention airfare+travel expenses)


I agree. It’s helpful sometimes, but analyzing the cost of everything can spoil an experience. But I’ve already been around the FTC block a few times on that one, so… :zipper_mouth:. My favorite is “I like men who have a future and women who have a past.”


I’ve never traveled exclusively for food. I do find out ahead of time the local specialties, and then pretty much wing it. Ask people when I get there. Cab drivers are the best, but just stopping at a place that looks good works too. I’ve had some fabulous meals, some not so great. It’s why travel is such a joy: discovery and curiosity.


In short, yes.

I will travel to a place specifically because I got a reservation at X, Y, and/or Z.

Though I usually, at that point, build out a larger itinerary.

I’ll disagree with the always eloquent BradFord, on food not being art, though admit at that point we’ve waded deep into murky, gray waters.

For the record, we just got back yesterday from the Noma - Mexico pop-up. At some point when I am not slammed I will update the appropriate thread. I’m still (terrible pun alert!) chewing the experience over.


Looking forward to your thoughts!


gibe me 600 and i will try for u.


you treat me to dinner, … i gladly obliges.


I planned an entire 30 hour layaway around food. And it was glorious.


whee you go ?