ISO advice for cooking pork belly


@ipsedixit, I’ve screwed up. Things got a little crazy and I totally forgot to cook the PB. So too late for tonight. Should I leave it in the marinade or remove it? Just leave it in the fridge? Wrap in plastic? Man, what a mess I am. Getting old sometimes sucks. Thanks for any advice. Cath


Depends on how acidic your marinade is. A high acid content, and leaving it overnight, would run the risk of leaving you with pork belly cum ceviche.

But if its just primarily salt, sugar, spices, you should be fine.


It’s Shaoxing, soy sauce, sugar and 5 spice :frowning:


should be fine to leave it I would think


Thanks. I wound up removing it and then wrapping in plastic wrap.


I saved the marinade and will put it in for a short while pre-cooking just to get it ‘wet.’


YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I did it just the way you wrote. One hour and then maybe five minutes on broil. Crappy pix but insanely wonderful meat. This is THE way. Hopefully we don’t nibble it away before dinner. Thanks a million.


Okay, here’s the burger. Honestly, the weak link was the brioche. We generally use toasted/grilled English muffins. But this was great. And since our usual burger is 4oz and this was 8, I at least have some left over. This is what I love about this site. Thanks everybody.


Looks great. A little late to the party, but I just started making this pork belly recipe from It’s a riff off of David Chang’s recipe but uses a sous vide. The porky mayonnaise is amaaaaazing. I also don’t make the baos, but buy them for $1.99 for a dozen at 99 ranch. Call me Sandra Lee…

Pork Belly Buns


Thank you SO much. I haven’t used my SV is way too long. And I like the idea of being able to hold it in the fridge.