It's Raining in Los Angeles! What Are You Eating?


Chicken or pork broth?


i don’t understand the question; these are in their lamb soup. though now that i think about it, they were mao er duo style, but made of buckwheat.

ah. i see it wasn’t clear that i was replying to the suggestion of liang’s lamb noodle soup.


Thanks! Bookmarked that, too!


About 12 cups of cafe de olla and 3 orders of guacamole (made a la minute) at Chico’s.


Brisket chili with all the fixin’s from A Cut Above,


Bladder to ipse:
“Come at me Bro!”


Was in the South Bay yesterday. With all the rain and “cold,” we dropped by Sanuki no Sato. The nabeyaki udon and the curry udon hit the spot.

PS- Monkish Brewery had a line out on the sidewalk along Western that was at least 30-deep at 1230. Lord, their beer must be at least as cherished as those precious drops of rain falling on my fellow beerists (who are worthier than me).


Perfect timing on this post. Going to Monkish today and was looking for a lunch spot. Was going to go to Mitsuwa but Sanuki No Sato sounds better. My wife said she wanted to be served.

Yesterday was Monkish anniversary party so that might have been the reason for the crazy line.


Rain generally means citrus season for me, with meyer lemons, limes and blood oranges from my backyard. Which generally means ceviche! I use a combo of whatever citrus is handy to make the ceviche. This time was pure meyer lemon juice. I make guacamole from the avocados I get cheap from my local mexican market.




Daydreaming about beef noodle soup from Popcorn Chicken, drinking an IPA from LA Ale Works.


Stopped in at Eggslice at OC Mix Saturday. Chicken schnitzel sandwich definitely benefits from the addition of bacon…


Unmelted cheese is my hard pass indicator. The edge of the cheese still has a sharp right angle.


TBH, I didn’t even notice. It was amazing. It’s a great group of people. I’m sure they would ensure proper meltage for you.


That looks great. I’m going tomorrow- thanks for the post.


Pastor quesadilla from King Taco. I work 1 block from King Taco in old town Pasadena.

$5.50 comes with a small thing of guac and their famous hot red sauce. Serves its purpose.

This is 1/2 of what you get. I ate the other half.


Mariscos Jalisco truck (fashion district):

Ceviche de pescado…

Tacos de camaron… So damn great.

Coctel con pulpo


making a big ass pot of borsh like


I bet if we did a genetic testing thing, we would discover we are long lost 5th or 6th cousins. :slight_smile:


That’s funny. And it is likely all of here are. Except @ipsedixit