January 2017 Weekend Rundown


This place’s menu reads like some end of year food trend list.
Crudo check.
Uni check.
Shishito peppers check.
Kobe sliders check.
Lobster roll check.
Poke check.
Kale salad check.
Grilled octopus check.
Pork belly check.
Crab toast check.
Crispy brussels sprouts.
The only thing missing are boba bone marrow cup cakes.

spicy tuna crispy rice
This was a miss, not spicy, not crispy, and bland, needed some soy sauce.

hokkaido scallop carpaccio - yuzu kosho, smoked sea salt, ponzu sauce, olive oil
Fresh and sweet

garlic noodles - egg noodles, parmesan, green onion
A pretty generous portion for $10 bucks. Good, but doesn’t top crustacean’s.

truffle uni pasta - shaved truffle, green nori linguini, creamy uni sauce, fish roe
Very rich and the fresh green nori pasta had a great chew, reminded me of a poor man’s abalone pasta from n/naka.

COD on 3rd street

Dinner for four at Zelo - http://myzelopizza.info/

Large beet salad (Fresh Beets ~ Roasted Walnuts ~ Blue Cheese, Served on a Bed of Greens with Shallot Balsamic Vinaigrette) - one of my favorite beet salads as it’s delightful in the simplicity and freshness.

Large broccoli and black bean salad (Broccoli ~ Black Beans ~ Mushrooms, Served on a Bed of Greens with Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette) - decent but lacking pizzazz.

Three slices of corn pizza (Fresh Corn ~ Balsamic Marinated Roasted Red Onions, Mozzarella ~ Smoked Mozzarella ~ Topped with Fresh Chives) - my favorite, though I’ve yet to try the spinach pesto or the wild mushroom one that only shows up as a special.

Three slices of four cheese pizza (Mozzarella ~ Fontina ~ Provolone ~ Parmesan ~ Tomato Sauce) - very good but not one I crave.

One calzone special (Roasted potato, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes) - wonderful crust, good filling but potato chunks were rather large and some were not cooked through.

One slice of Zucotto Cake (chilled, whipped chocolate cake,;with whipped cream & crushed biscotti layer & ladyfinger crust) - this is the most unassuming looking dessert and is insanely good!

A soda, two hot teas, as well. Came to $71 with tax before tip.

Great food, wonderful company, earnest but scattered service.


Are those black rice fan tuan? Is that you unique to the restaurant? I never such a thing existed (and I sorta would like to try it, since fan tuan is like one of my most favorite breakfast items ever).

What do you think of The Boiling Crab? Partner and I tried it a few wks ago for the first time (we had lobster and maybe fish and chips?). I thought it was totally mediocre.


You get your choice of black or white rice with the fan tuan at Huge Tree Pastry. I can’t speak to the uniqueness of the black rice, but I loved the flavor. They have a variety of fillings, but I got the vegetarian one which had pickled mustard greens - so good. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them here too, @paranoidgarliclover.


Food is ok, we usually stick with the shrimp and mussels, it’s just one of those places that my kids love…


Great report. Can’t wait to try Mirak. On Sun Nong Dan, it is my personal favorite version of that dish. The Soban version is more refined and richer. But I always order the one at Sun Nong Dan extra spicy, and it’s one of those spicy/sweet experiences that stays with you for several hours.


Hi @Haeldaur,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Oh no doubt. For 2 of our friends who went with us to Sun Nong Dan, they liked their version of Soban, whereas the rest of us liked Soban’s more. But that might be because I don’t like extra spicy dishes. :wink: Both versions are quite good.


Pupusa con queso y loroco.

Los Cocos Pupiseria y Panderia
4804 Centinela/Braddock, West L.A.


We haven’t been here in years. How was it?


Had a birthday meal for a family member at Republique tonight. Food was quite good, but the pricing is just out of whack compared to the quality. Lots of examples come to mind, but the most comically over priced thing is half a chicken for a $39 list price. Chicken is good, not incredible. Not better than Pollo a la Brasa. Not better than Dino’s. Not better than Marouch. The best part is really the fingerlings and spinach.

Another huge rip off was the crudo. Price was 28, but it was comically small. And even at the small size, half of it was pineapple. It was diced up hamachi, not recognizably different from what you’d get at Sweet Fin.

Salted caramel chocolate cake was a letdown. Top layer of fudge was too thick. Not nearly enough caramel. I don’t think this was a good chocolate cake, period.

The best thing at this meal was the charcuterie. It was a special board. Luscious duck liver mousse, excellent rillette, and a brilliant selection of cured meats, mustard, pickles, and crusty bread. I would go back here just to split a board for 2 with someone and maybe one pasta.

The place is jam packed–so I can’t blame them for charging what they do. But I won’t be back for dinner unless someone else is paying.


i feel the same way about cassia


I hold Cassia in a higher esteem, but I understand what you mean. At the $150/pp price point, I expect to be wow’ed. I expect to have at least one dish stop me in my tracks to marvel at how excellent it is. The problem with Republique, for me, is it never reaches that point. Everything is good, nothing I have had is truly great.

There are certain things at Cassia that I think are actively great. The charcuterie fried rice, the lamb dish, the pig tail, the snails, and the laksa all come to mind.


Bun Bo Gan from Thanh Thai in Monterey Park.
Also had a pickled veg Fan Tuan (not pictured) from Shi Hai in Arcadia which I thought was really good, nice variety of filing elevating what usually ends up being very bland

Breakfast today at Barbacoa y Birria Estilo Taxco, Guerrero. Barbacoa taco with all the fixins’ and consomme.Highly recommend their horchata, rich, thicker consistency than the usual fare.


Love Black Goat stew! Any other places specializing in it?


Hi @Sgee,

There was one other place on 6th Street I think that we used to go to. I liked it more than Mirak, but it closed. :frowning: There’s one next door to Park’s BBQ, but I’ve had numerous friends tell me it’s nowhere near as good as Mirak.

Let me know if you find other places as well. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Mushroom and spinach quiche, Republique. Good, and so is the Vietnamese coffee.


The LAST thing I (try to) ever engage in around here is a price discussion: price/value is so fucking subjective and something that rarely leads to fruitful conversation. That said, I completely agree the Republique has a pretty woeful QPR, but this chicken thing is my reason for posting. WTF is going on with chicken prices?
A few weeks ago I bought a pre-brined, free range chicken from whole from A Cut Above Butcher shop - 3.75 lbs for $23.95. This chicken must have gone to private school and had bedtime stories read to it.
WTF is going on with chicken prices?


Holy cow, if that’s the wholesale price of chicken then are most places just taking a loss on them? Republique simply charging the necessary price to make a profit by selling them?


Bulrocho (same plaza as Park’s BBQ on Vermont in K-Town)

  1. A Cut Above sells Judith chickens. I like both ACA and Jidori, but ACA’s mark up is . . . high.
  2. That pre-brining. Yikes that’s a lot of dough for that service.