January 2017 Weekend Rundown


Hit up Little Fatty last night. Cool spot. Food was a bit of a letdown. Flavors were very muted. Best thing by a longshot was the Sunday gravy. Nicely cooked noodles.


Agree. Food, pretty good, but not great.
Unless you consider having cocktails, good beer choices and wine - even with average Chinese Food - a special thing (which I do).


Good point–the old fashioned I had was pretty damn good.

On the food, I was hoping for something as good as Pine and Crane, but it’s really not in the same discussion.


Pie and Crane or Pecking Tavern are the benchmarks for this type of food/beverage program in LA. LF is not there yet but hopefully will improve.
Last visit we had -
Kung Pao Chicken - no heat but OK
General Tso Cauliflower - Excellent
Pea Tendrils - good
Zha jiang mian - disappointing due to very mushy, over-cooked noodles, and lackluster (muted flavor) sauce.

On a past visit (when it had the old name) I really enjoyed Sunday Gravy


I’ve been going to Claro’s in San Gabriel for years, but they recently changed their Vegetarian Combo sub. It had too much cheese, which is something that I never thought I’d ever write. Also, it now has diced red peppers, but was missing the oil and vinegar dressing. It was better when I doctored it up at home, but let’s say I won’t be craving cheese for a while.

Claro’s Italian Market
1003 Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-2026

I finally went to Stuff I Eat, a vegan soul food restaurant in Inglewood. I ordered the Soul Food Platter, which had yams, macaroni and cheese, BBQ tofu, stewed kale, black eyed peas, a cornbread muffin, potato salad, and coleslaw. The yams and the tofu were on the sweet side, but I still enjoyed them. The kale and the black eyed peas were my favorite, as they were nicely savory. The vegan mac 'n cheese doesn’t taste like its vegetarian cousin, but I haven’t encountered a vegan version that’s comparable. The beet lemonade was too sweet for me, but thankfully it was offset by the tartness of the lemons and the earthiness of the beets. And although $15 is a bit pricey for this platter, I was able to stretch it out into three meals - granted I’m kind of petite. Also, the menu is largely organic. Items that aren’t organic are clearly marked.

Stuff I Eat
114 N Market St.
Inglewood, CA 90301
(310) 671-0115
Metered parking, only takes quarters!


Lost Abbey posted that they will be announcing this year’s Cuvee de Tomme sale info next week. Sold via Eventbrite as it appears they have ditched Nexternal.


Jesus! Just when you think you know and love beer, you find out folks are using Eventbrite to buy it. I thought that type of thing only happened with Goose Island BCS.


Howlin Rays

Rays BBQ


Thank you Cream Pan in Tustin! I can inhale a few of you and not blink an eye.


WTF is THAT monstrosity???


It looks like a mac 'n cheese, hot link, and and tri tip burrito. Amirite?


Aside from the excess cheese, how was the bread? Looks like of… commercial?


Best Friends Burrito from Ray’s BBQ

Mighty tasty, had smoke burps for hours.


It also has beans tucked away somewhere between the Mac n cheese and sausage. :joy:


Country Fried Steak with sausage gravy at Pann’s. Of course it’s washed down with 2 scrambled eggs, hash browns and a biscuit (though you could get toast) all for $13.55.

For the breakfast version of the steak, you get choice of two: eggs, hash browns, grits, steamed rice, country potatoes, fresh fruit or “delightful prunes in syrup” PLUS toast or a biscuit.

Texture of the coating on the steak was great (as you’d expect from a place that serves great fried chicken). Gravy wasn’t too sausagy OR peppery. Maybe needed a touch of salt.

Place was busy on a Saturday at 2:00pm.


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Thanks for the report on Pann’s Country Fried Steak. Looks delicious. :slight_smile: But you forgot to order their Patty Melt for an “appetizer”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny. You must be psychic!! I sat there for probably 15 minutes wavering, trying to decide between the patty melt or the fried steak… But the kid begged me to get the steak so he could have some!!


Wax Paper

Italian :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love the sesame bread and basically everything about this sandwich

Roast pork

Root vegetables


King’s Hawaiian


Gwang Yang :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah, the bread is indeed commercial. It’s not too much of a problem for me if it’s dressed with oil and vinegar. The subs from Claro’s aren’t artisanal, but if done right, they satisfy my craving for an old-school Italian deli sandwich.


Thursday - Here’s Looking at You - even better than my first visit (which rocked).
Really loved it all:

Momotoro Tomato with crumbled Chinese Sausage

Soft Shell Shrimp

Duck Breast with Mole and Pears

Fried White Trout, hummus

Friday - Petrossian (DineLA menu)

Sat - Best Noodle House

Sunday (Lunch) - Dune in Atwater Village -Great falafel

Great weekend, other than two very disappointing football games.