January 2019 Weekend Rundown


Love this place.


Looks like golden, crispy, shrimp paste-y goodness!


Breakfast today at Mariscos Jalisco


I see the cha gio (I ate so many of them in Vietnam, I learned how to make them when home) but what/where is the shrimp paste and banh hoi?


shrimp paste is that brown/pink thing underneath the green onions and the banh hoi are the white “sheets” of noodles


Thanks. So the shrimp paste is ‘formed’ and then fried? And I hadn’t seen the banh hoi. It all looks good.


yes and banh hoi is not very popular outside of the Vietnamese population, so hard to find in areas with low Vietnamese population density.


Taco Run!

Los Originales Tacos Arabes de Puebla

Cecina taco

Asada taco

Special Tacos arabes - We have the soft and airy handmade pita bread style tortilla acting as the perfect vehicle for the Shawarma like pork. To top them off, we have stringy cheese, creamy avocado, and a killer chipotle sauce with just the right amount of kick.

I keep coming back here!

#freesampleasalways #buche #chicharron #carnitas

Buche and buche/chicharron/carnitas mix taco


Not bad only 1.5 hour wait. Got to try the Howlin level spice! Pure evil. I had to go to Scoops to cool off.

Got to see this before it is gone.

Originally went to the Hammer to see my boy Vincent but that part of the museum was closed. So I went up to Sepulveda. Freakin almost 1 hour to get in!


Bravo. Let the tourists hordes squabble and jostle at The Getty, while the in-the-know locals can get their Impressionism on with nary another soul in the Hammer gallery… #itsHammertime

I used to hit Mesa Brazilian Grill in Westwood Village after the Hammer, but sadly they closed in late 2018…


I’ll bet. Nice weekend @JeetKuneBao. Thanks for sharing.

That’s a good picture of the picture @J_L. :wink: Love some Vincent.


Rounds Burger in Pasadena…I like their Brioche buns

French dip at La Grande Orange


Curry Hut (La Mirada)
Dropped by for a quick take out lunch today while I was out running errands. Apparently, this place is a chain and this is the second or third location.
They’ve got a steamer table operation (a la Chinese fast food take out), and dishes made a la minute from the kitchen. I was short on time and wanted to check out their basic offerings, so I chose from the table. The staff here is super nice…offering samples of everything before you make a commitment. For $12 (including tax and tip), I got the 3-item combo…chili chicken, chicken tikka masala, vegetable korma with basmati rice and fresh made-to-order garlic naan. The smell of the garlic naan was intoxicating. They also have biryani and goat curry…those are made to order in the kitchen.
I split my meal with the chowpups. Between the 4 of us, we devoured the order. Each of the items was pretty solid…solid enough to compare with the Little India restaurants in Artesia just about 7 miles (and 20-25 minutes via side streets) away. Looks like we’ve got an local Indian place now…I hope the neighborhood welcomes it with open arms.
Totally going to try the biryani and goat curry next time.


We go to the Curru Hut in Fullerton all the time. Great QPR. Kids love the rice, naan, chicken tikka and lentils. We get two 2 item combos and it easily feeds our family of four.


I’ll have to try the lentils next time…they were super popular while I was in the store. More than a few people asked about the daal.


Let me know if you order the biryani. Have yet to try the biryani and regret it often. I haven’t seen many people order it.


Likely because they don’t want to wait…or don’t know what it is.
We all enjoyed it so much that I’ll probably be back later in the week to give it a shot.


I thought the biryani was good at the Fullerton branch but like the veggie korma, aloo gobi and veggie kathi roll better. Keep meaning to try the goat curry.


Some eats from Dec/Jan

J Zhou

Golden scallion pie

Shrimp rolls :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I fuckin love these damn things, especially with their chili sauce

Snow pea shoots :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: excellent

Ha gao with perfect texture, just delicate enough to not tear when picking up

BBQ pork noodle, meh, stick with the fish paste

Pineapple bun, not too sweet, pineapple and coconut flavor. Pineapple could have been better.

In context view

Hangry view

Just about the inhale view

@secretasianman view

I still find J Zhou to be pushing out some of the top dim sum these days. Yes, you have to deal with a higher fuerdai concentration, but they consistently change the menu with new items to keep you interested.

ST Patisserie from Christmas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: too beautiful to eat.

Even better tasting and no regrets after the first bite.

Kitakata - Costa Mesa

Yup, still top ramen joint in SoCal for me.

Green chili shio with dat toro chashu :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Tamago, a tad over cooked, not much flavor. Just get more of that amazing toro chashu.

Eataly dry aged ribeye :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: one of the best tasting dry aged steaks I have ever eaten. Much better than the dry aged NY I bought a few weeks earlier at Eataly.

Houstons Thai noodle salad :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Noodle House - Chino Hills

I really like their seafood tofu soup.

Hai Di Lao - Arcadia

I’ll save you the pictures of the food, but I do love the combo of hot pot with their plum juice.

Kang Ho Dang Baekjeong - Irvine

Pork belly with grilled kimchi lyfe :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Galbi is always great

Intestine was meh

Frida Glendale - decent pozole, best part is how they grind up their oregano.

Bulgarini :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

DTF - Original Arcadia location

I finally omitted XLB from our meal and it was a breathe of fresh air. I always feel obligated to order them but this time hell nah, and it was definitely something I will be doing moving forward.

Shrimp fried rice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Chicken soup with cut up bone shards for @PorkyBelly

Seaweed salad

Spicy wontons, I still prefer them at Chef Hung in Irvine a bit more, but still good

Mustard greens with ginger


Nice report @A5KOBE. :slight_smile:

You decided to skip ST. Patisserie’s wonderful Buche Noel this year?